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Amazon is JUST BEGINNING: Chris Fryburger nReach #143

January 11, 2021 Chris Fryburger Season 2 Episode 43
My Amazon Guy
Amazon is JUST BEGINNING: Chris Fryburger nReach #143
Show Notes

"If you're selling something, you can follow Jeff Bezos around the globe." Can't hire for the Amazon skillset right now. What is the magntidue of the boom that is going on?

"With over 20 years of experience working with ad agencies, Chris has worked across most industries and brand categories. As founder of, Chris matches Amazon sellers with trusted resources. nReach has vetted agencies, firms, consultants, trainers and recruiters - from advertising to accounting, logistics to legal issues, hiring and training employees and more. We are the experts on Amazon expertise." - Chris Fryburger 

PBS Documentary on Amazon Empire:

Lack proper support for sellers, development of software. "In a way Amazon doesn't care, they are busy consuming the earth. They want to build an empire to get humanity off the rock."

For a seller, what does the Amazon Marketplace landscape look like today?

Amazon Pantry got cancelled.

- how to choose an Amazon agency - considerations etc
- what does nReach do?
Ask me 3 questions you would ask an agency when you consider whether you want to advocate for them as a matchmaker. 

Lanscape changes
What are things brands need to look for today?

How to go from 30 person agency to 10,000 person agency?
Book of hours. When you book business of 100-million dollars. That's when you are a large agency will come and acquire you.

Dot com boom took 10 years to get going. Don't sell right now. 

Pattern is going to have 1-billion in revenue before anyone else.

Embrace Amazon, do more Amazon.

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