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TRAFFIC vs CONVERSION - Heated Amazon SEO Debate Panel - Canopy Management

September 06, 2021
My Amazon Guy
TRAFFIC vs CONVERSION - Heated Amazon SEO Debate Panel - Canopy Management
Show Notes

Steven Pope defends Traffic to the death in this heated debate of his views against a panel that felt Conversion was more important. Vote what you think is most important in the comments.

00:00 Intro
04:06 SEO affect on Amazon Ranking
04:25 Introduction of Guests
04:40 Topics to discuss
06:45 Introduction of Anthony Lee, Amazon Analyst & Speaker
08:16 1st topic: Affect that embedded terms have on indexing & ranking
09:15 Steven Pope - A+ content is indexed
11:25 Troy Johnston - Agrees with Steven Pope
13:44 Brian R. Johnson - Do you feel that removing KW in the title is beneficial?
14:07 Steven Pope - Before the order of which KW placed in the title matter, Traffic vs Conversion
16:03 Brandon Young - It will be a detriment to not include KW in the title
16:41 Danny McMillan - Title is the strongest indicator
19:54 Brandon Young - No need to repeat KW, it might backfire more as it can confuse Amazon algorithm
29:20 Brandon Young - The signal you give to AMZ where the traffic comes from matters significantly
31:26 Introduction of Danny McMillan, Founder of Seller Sessions
32:13 2nd topic: Affect of order/sequence of terms has on indexing & ranking
33:04 Steven Pope - Need to put the brand name in front of the title  in certain categories
34:11 Anthony Lee - The sequence of terms does impact the early stage of relevance
43:28 Introduction of Troy Johnston, Founder of Seller.Tools
44:17 3rd topic: Traditional (Keywords) vs Advanced (Differentiation & Benefits) on indexing and ranking
47:57 Steven Pope - SEO should be treated in multiple stages
48:37 Steven Pope - SEO is not set it and forget it
55:34 Brandon Young - The conversion rate is unique to each Keyword
1:05:12 Introduction of Brandon Young, Founder and & Lead Instructor of Seller-Systems
1:06:02 4th topic: Affect of content locations (images, videos, title, bullets, desc, A+, backend) on indexing & ranking
1:07:17 Brandon Young - We always prioritize title
1:17:07 Brian R Johnson - 5-second rule with image and bullet points,  If the shopper can't  consume and understand it, you put in too much
1:17:35 Introduction of Steven Pope, Founder of My Amazon Guy
1:19:16 5th topic: Affect of on-Amazon optimization upon off-Amazon search
1:23:05 Anthony Lee - Impact is almost Amazon BSR, Canonical URL doesn't dictate relevance on Amazon, it is more how the listing appear on the internet
1:26:44 Introduction of Brian R Johnson, Co-founder Canopy Management
1:27:24 6th topic: On-page shopper interactions
1:27:42 Danny McMillan - It is important that your page gets the person/shoppers engaged

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