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Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question

September 12, 2021
My Amazon Guy
Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question
Show Notes

00:00 Intro
10:23 SEO at My Amazon Guy
12:53 How do Storage Fees work
14:14 How do I put size dimensions for a very small item
14:57 Brand registry instructed to delete and wait for 24hours to relist to solve image issues
15:24 I manage a friend's account. I use secondary login w/ permission, bought wifi hotspot, new pc - to keep the connection IP away from my money account
16:38 Is it considered an ad when my listing appears as "Amazon choice under $30"
16:51 Is it worth spending 10k for an influencer or better to spend them on PPC
17:58 When do you recommend using outsourcing traffic
18:42 I'm losing my buy box and margins due to Amazon's pricing rule, comparing my products with competitor sites as Target
19:34 How much to invest in video creation for listing
21:38 What are your thoughts on branded wholesale bundles
22:17 How come one of my SKUs has a brand registry, a storefront, but is not eligible for A+ content  
22:58 Trying to launch 3 SKUs but constrained by restocking limits
24:09 What is the new FBA New Selection program
24:32 How important is text (not alt-text) in A+ content   
25:32 Where would you go for high-quality 60-sec product video/commercial
26:02 I have a campaign w/ one exact keyword. It has 3 similar products attached. Will Amazon equally rotate the display for these 3 items, or at the same time
26:41 My shopping Amazon account email is the same as my money seller central account, been for 8yrs
27:00 I'm having trouble getting a Product Listing to save in Amazon
27:19 I loaded the main image that was 1275x1875, but when viewed w/ Helium10 extension it is saying it is 985x1500, thereby not giving an H10 rank at 10 out of 10
28:10 I accidentally put the wrong UPC number for a product
28:40 Can you give me POA for account reinstate
29:31 I have fewer Amazon companies, how will I work
29:52 We are selling in the USA and our listing is also active in the Canada market too, how to send stock to the CA market
30:29 What are the requirements to send stock to Canada market and start selling
30:43 Whenever I get a customer return, what does AMZ do w/ the product
32:30 I want to brand register but they are asking for a picture of the packaging. In my niche, sellers don't create packages
33:28 How do you transition selling a brand and all its products to a new seller central account if you want to separate a brand to prep for an exit
34:41 How do we protect ourselves from Amazon taking down listings and accounts 
35:41 How to estimate AD cost in the supplement market when ACOS is 300%
37:06 It's almost impossible to obtain product liability insurance for supplements manufactured out of the USA
37:24 How to upload videos on the product display page
38:04 I'm not brand registered yet. Amazon changed the title of one of my products adding the word GENERIC at the beginning of it, losing rank in all of my main KWs
38:30 I have 250 units of supplements that I want to pull from FBA to launch a new product. How long Amazon to free up those units to ship up the 250 new units for my launch
39:59 Is it possible to add more categories onto the brand I registered under to only one category, as I'm launching a new product
41:07 Is an image of a woman bathing with a soap bar violate TOS
41:29 Can you explain how to handle Sales Tax on Amazon if you have a Sales Tax Certificate in a state they pay the Sales Tax
42:22 Is a template upload training something I can purchase a phone call for help
43:15 How can I check what KWs my product is ranking for
46:23 What's the quickest way to get a KW indexed and ranking in the top 306 positions for an old listing
47:24 Is granting brand access to other accounts makes accounts "related?"

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