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(Customer Community) How to Use Instagram Photos for Amazon FBA Social Proof

September 21, 2021
My Amazon Guy
(Customer Community) How to Use Instagram Photos for Amazon FBA Social Proof
Show Notes

❓Question from a client who hired me for a coaching call:
You advised me to offer a 10% discount (at least) to anyone who takes a picture with their gnome.

1) Should I tell customers to post their pics on Amazon reviews?  
2) How can I send them the 10% off code? Have them post on Instagram with a hashtag of your choosing.

Example social posts:'
Example of Instagram using the hashtag:

✅Answer: Do not mention Amazon reviews. Even innocently mentioning Amazon reviews will be seen as violating the terms and conditions of incentivizing reviews. 

The discount can be given in a variety of forms including you messaging them after they make the post. You'll be monitoring these posts so it's important that you do that anyway. You could also put an email address on there for them to send proof that they've made the Instagram post if you want to automate this a bit.

The discount itself can be 10% off on your website or 10% off on Amazon it's your choice.

❓Question: Really appreciate you getting back to me.  

Can I tell them to email a pic to customer service on my website?  Then I could set up a gallery page on my website and upload the picture.  Plus I get their email

I want to make sure I am TOS compliant.  

✅Answer: The real value was them posting on Instagram and talking about your brand which creates exposure and awareness. So I would make them posted to Instagram and then you just verify it somehow

00:00 Intro
00:14 How to leverage Instagram to generate customer engagements
00:45 This is customer compliant with Amazon
02:40 Coramdo Lights is a large lighting company on Amazon
03:30 Amazon Social Posts
04:20 Amazon social posts show on page 1 of organic results
05:12 How to access Amazon Social Posts
06:07 How does the actual mailer look
06:47 The purpose is to leverage your consumers to create a community
07:44 How can I give them the discount

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