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Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question

September 19, 2021
My Amazon Guy
Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question
Show Notes

00:00 Intro
10:24 AMZ suspended FBA shipment options to send stuff in, "Deleted/Abandoned Shipments"
11:57 For A+ content product grid, can you pick SKUs
12:22 Just got a notification that my Oct restocking limit is going up, does AMZ only refresh the limit once a month/quarter
12:58 Does a listing have to be live before you can build A+ content for it
15:15 Regarding your latest video around giving a discount for a hashtag on social, do you set up a Google alert to get notifications on user's hashtags
17:20 Deleted my listing for 24hrs then added and still the main image does not update
18:00 If a customer clicks on a PPC ad, how many days does AMZ track for that conversion
18:20 I used to see refunds for Failed Delivery Promise w/ refund amount approx $6, so just shipping, but recently I'm seeing Full Price Refunds
19:55 How can I accurately estimate customs and duty I will pay for my order
20:45 How would you treat a product that no more generates any profits because of the shipping cost increase
21:37 We have a brand registry, we have GS1 UPC bar code printed on labels attached to products, we are ready to ship products, do we use GS1 UPC label or cover-up and use Amazon Bar Code
23:23 Thoughts about the image panels that are offering specific discount codes for purchase of more than one quantity
25:03 Is it worth joining the webinars that Amazon hosts
25:55 What do you think is the best way to capture people's email
26:46 If some other seller has similar products, colors, and size of our products but our title name are different, do we not use AMZ bar code for shipping so the products will not get comingled at AMZ
27:12 How do people launch in the supplement category
29:23 Can I have an insert in products that do not ask for a review but thanks them for purchase
29:53 When using PickFu, do you have recommendations of the parts of the listing
30:39 Can I have the QR code that links shoppers to my website on the packaging
30:48 Any trustworthy inspection service in China
32:39 How do you keep everything organized w/ your 90+ clients in your agency, do you use a CRM
33:31 You mentioned that sub-dividing campaigns into Ad Groups were not recommended, but is there any downside to using portfolios
33:59 What software/manual process can you find influencers
34:18 If you create a new listing but do not send it into FBA right away, will this negatively affect the IPI score as it sits in inactive status
36:13 When talking on a new client, how do you research and determine the brand sales potential
38:08 How do you beat a competitor that seems to have an unlimited marketing budget
39:48 What kind of images would you recommend for each image slots
42:40 Do you handle AMZ provided discounts for manufacturers that have MAP
43:36 I keep on losing the Buy Box even when I higher it slowly
45:14 Have you ever turned daw a client looking for your services
46:39 I've noticed the number of reviews is increasing, but when I look at the reviews, I don't see any new reviews reflecting the reviews I'm getting
48:10 AMZ requires EPA number for my listing, will the manufacturers EPA be enough
49:10 When I was running out of stock, I raised my price to $55 and was still able to sell w/ little PPC. I am back in stock and price at $34 and spending $100/da on PPC w/ bad results
50:47 When creating a variation for a listing is using the color variation theme the only option to have the small picture swatch show for the variations options
51:35 We well many MAP items for manufacturers and AMZ provides a discount to lower the sale price. This upsets manufacturers as the price is below MAP
53:04 I'm trying to edit my listing but AMZ will not let me

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