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How to Work Your Way Against Buy Box Issues? My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A with Jason Mastromatteo

August 10, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
How to Work Your Way Against Buy Box Issues? My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A with Jason Mastromatteo
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00:00 My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A - July 12, 2022
10:21 Steven Pope is at AMA Powwow Event  2022
10:43 Next step when you have a registered TM but BR says your application has been declined because the application needs to be submitted by the TM owner
11:47 How to spread advertising budget between sponsored products, sponsored brands, and video ads during the launch phase
12:43 In which situations do we have to decrease bidding
14:05 Do you have any tips on house to manage your PPC budget on Prime Day
15:20 Launched 2 new products preserving the honeymoon period by setting the offer date, launch date, and release date to the future
17:07 Link for the Brand Registry MAG Video
17:47 Why won't Amazon tell you why your ASIN is not eligible for the Featured Offer
20:24 How do you push organic ranking to a better position
21:38 What do you think about launch costs/calc
23:08 Received email that product's inventory stranded due to deleted listing but I never deleted & listing is still there
25:10 I am getting Well Sales on Only Auto & Manual Exact, Do you recommend Manual Broad & Phrase to run
26:24 The thumbnail in the back end of Amazon shows up when "Fulfilled by All" filter circle is selected. Thumbnail says "No Image Available" when "Fulfilled by Amazon" filter circle is selected
27:22 What can we do when AMZ loses units and then says "Investigation completed – shipment contents counted and confirmed"
29:09 Seach Query Performance not available on German Marketplace
29:37 Do you see the buy being a favorite to sellers w/ a larger quantity of units
31:22 How can I increase the extra-large storage capacity of the store
34:49 The backend of Amazon has changed. It’s now “generic keywords”. And the format they show you is keyword phrase semicolon, keyword phrase semicolon
35:06 ​Amazon is now suggesting: 1) put your keywords in phrase form instead of just one big string of terms, 2) separate these phrases with semicolons. Is MAG adopting this new suggested format
35:50 How much does MAG charge to look after my PPC, 40 ASINs which make up 4 categories
36:40 Have you seen the buy box being favored by sellers with a larger quantity of units
37:03 Amazon is not on the listing
37:16 Any Solution for Buy Box Suspension in Private Label
39:00 ​I’m brand registered but I still get people highjacking my listings
39:40 Do you suggest running coupons over Prime Day
42:50  Sometimes Helium 10 Cerebro shows a lot of crap data
44:19 If the inventory is near to out of stock in FBA then close the listing to save the ranking or it's close automatically
45:35 Do you have any recommendations for finance options for FBA funding
46:51 No link, but when you look at the backend and leave the search terms blank, they show in greyed-out text
47:47 ​My listing price is about 15% higher than my closest competitor but my product is far superior. As my product is new should I lower my price to be more competitive or stick with a more premium price
49:06 Top reasons/most common reasons for high sessions but low unit session percentage
49:52 ​I have products live on Amazon that I want to combine into a parentage
51:36 Have you noticed sales overall have been down so far this year compared to previous years?
52:38 Visit for complete Amazon Agency Services
53:41 When would you suggest sellers start preparing for Q4

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