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Amazon Listing Optimization [Master Class] Why the Top Sellers Need to Optimize More

August 15, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Amazon Listing Optimization [Master Class] Why the Top Sellers Need to Optimize More
Show Notes

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00:00 Amazon Listing Optimization [Master Class] 
00:18 Free ASIN Review from My Amazon Guy
00:47 Sample ASIN Review: Goli
01:32 What is a proper main image
02:19 Hidden Suppression
03:25 All about secondary images
07:56 Listing video
08:22 Listing product title
09:49 Checking via Helium 10: Cerebro
09:56 Helium 10 50% off promo code: MYAMAZONGUY50
11:00 The Keyword Strike Zone
12:33 The A+ content
13:55 The Brand Story module
16:40 Don't compare the listing optimization to the best, take their keywords and use Cerebro
17:33 Next ASIN Review: Horbaach
17:35 Image stack review
18:42 Product title and bullet points
19:58 The brand story
21:07 The A+ content
22:20 MSRP or list price
24:55 Keyword check using Cerebro
29:35 Next ASIN Review: Orphic Nutrition
29:40 Image stack review
31:17 Tip on supplement facts image
31:34 Product title
32:13 Keyword check using Cerebro
32:29 Asterisk backing up by a disclaimer
33:49 Subscribe and Save
35:16 Coupon available
35:27 Bullet points
35:34 Brand story and A+ content
38:06 Next ASIN Review: Force Factor
38:34 Confusing parentages
38:41 Image stack review
40:07 Missing barcode in the supplement facts image
41:54 Product title and bullet points
42:59 Missing list price
43:39 Brand story and A+ content
47:27 Keyword check using Cerebro

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