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My Amazon Guy Wednesday ASIN Review LIVE with John Aspinall - March 6

March 06, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
My Amazon Guy Wednesday ASIN Review LIVE with John Aspinall - March 6
Show Notes

Catch your Amazon listings a big break with John Aspinall!

Is your Amazon game feeling stuck? 
Are those ASINs not quite hitting the mark? 
Let's change that!

Hop on LIVE with John Aspinall as he dives into ASIN listings from sellers just like you.

Watch and learn as John demonstrates how to:
↳ Boost your ASIN's visibility
↳ Tap into strategies that drive sales and profits
↳ Improve your seller game step by step
↳ Refine your approach for sustained Amazon triumph

Grab this opportunity to have your ASIN fine-tuned by a seasoned pro and see your results soar.

Ready to see real change? Join us live!

It's time to unleash the full potential of your Amazon listings!

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00:00 - Video Start with Music Intro
09:58 - Introduction to the Episode
10:28 - Overview of Today's Content and Viewer Interaction Prompt
11:23 - Detailed Product Review Begins: ASIN Discussion
12:01 - Transition to Screen Sharing for Product Analysis
15:06 - Discussion on Product Packaging and Marketing Suggestions
17:01 - How to Improve Product Visualization with Examples
21:57 - Moving onto Another Product for Review
23:40 - Discussion on Leveraging Official Art and Branding
24:07 - Review of Sympathy Windchimes Product
27:24 - Tips on Enhancing Product Presentation
31:16 - Introduction to Another Product for Review
33:38 - Advice on Showcasing Product Sets and Value
37:01 - Addressing First-Time Viewer Question on Placement Fees
38:01 - Review of a Fitness Stretching Strap Product
41:43 - Importance of a Brand Story Module
43:42 - Transition to General Q&A and Cohort Announcement
47:52 - Discussion on SEO and Keyword Strategy
50:55 - Review of a Cosmetic Product Listing
55:57 - Analysis of an Aquarium Carbon Filter Listing
1:01:21 - Webinar Announcement and Closing Remarks

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