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Amazon PPC AMA Live with Kevin Sanderson and Chris Rawlings

March 26, 2024 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Amazon PPC AMA Live with Kevin Sanderson and Chris Rawlings
Show Notes

Get ready for an unmissable PPC AMA session with Kevin Sanderson, My Amazon Guy’s VP of Marketing, with Chris Rawlings, an expert in growing Amazon brands through PPC!

They're spilling the secrets that could take your PPC game from zero to hero.

Why you need to tune in:

✓ Learn advanced PPC strategies straight from the experts.
✓ Discover the advertising tactics that can catapult your brand's growth.
✓ Engage in real-time Q&A to get tailored advice for your Amazon campaigns.

This isn't just advice; it's a masterclass in Amazon growth.

Mark your calendar, bring your questions, and prepare to transform your approach to Amazon advertising!

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P.S. - It's time to elevate your Amazon brand to the Million-Dollar Club with PPC mastery!

00:00 - Introduction Music
10:01 - Beginning of Live Q&A: Enhancing Ad Campaigns
10:48 - Live Stream Sound Check and Viewer Interaction
13:26 - Introduction of Chris and PPC Strategies Discussion
14:32 - Announcement of the Profitable PPC Challenge
15:10 - Deep Dive into Viewer Questions on PPC
15:36 - Discussion about the Challenge's Promotional Graphics
16:23 - Updates and Changes to the $47 Challenge
17:10 - Deep Dive into PPC Questions Begins
18:01 - Strategies for Handling Negative Reviews from Vine
21:12 - Exploring STP Campaigns in Expanded Match
24:26 - Strategies for Handling Variations and Vine Reviews
26:22 - Addressing Plateaus in Daily Sales and Strategies for Scaling
32:07 - Calculating Bids for Desired ACoS and Adjusting for Performance
36:57 - Discussing Keyword Performance in Auto vs. Exact Match Campaigns
38:00 - The Concept of Campaign Chaining for PPC Success
39:06 - Using Successful Keywords for Sponsored Brand Campaigns
40:24 - Strategies for Utilizing High-Performing Keywords Beyond PPC
41:40 - Decision Making on Reordering Products with High Reviews
43:16 - Evaluating and Improving Product Listings for Better Sales
45:44 - Importance of Click-Through Rate and Conversion Rate Optimization
49:22 - Is Amazon FBA Still Profitable in 2024?
53:05 - Strategy for Selecting Niches and Products with Design Variation for FBA Success
56:07 - Introduction to Final Questions on PPC Duration
56:14 - Understanding the Impact of PPC on Organic Traffic
57:27 - Launch Period and TACoS Strategy
59:22 - Targeting Keywords with Specific Search Volumes
1:01:49 - Tips for New Sellers on Listing Optimization and PPC Learning
1:04:30 - PPC Challenge Introduction and Benefits
1:05:48 - Overview of the PPC Challenge Structure and Goals
1:07:10 - Details on the Value and Format of the PPC Challenge
1:08:16 - Closing Remarks and Invitation to Join the PPC Challenge

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