My Amazon Guy

Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question

August 08, 2021 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - Ask Steven Pope ANY Question
Show Notes

00:00 Intro
10:31 My Amazon Guy Process
11:13 My Amazon Guy Core Values
12:32 For a new client's product w/ over 1000 organic KW, do you automatically go to phase 2 or go through phase 1 anyway? What factors would cause you to jump to phase 2 right away
15:00 A 48hr episode but my Amazon account manager has vanished. What steps do you take to get ASINs created by regular SC for a product w/o UPCs o EANs to sidestep unnecessary pushback
16:43 Ad campaign has $200 budget with 10 KW (5 performers, 5 poor) What is the difference between moving the good words to their own campaign vs just lowering the bid on the poor performers
17:45 Amazon invited me to the Amazon Launchpad program. Is it worth the money (5% of rev)
19:48 My inventory restriction is getting worse (restocking limit is decreasing) any insights on the future state of restocking limits
20:47 For misspellings, in Helium10, Cerebro found words like Chistma but on misspellinator, this doesn't even show as a top misspelling and lists others. What tool do you use to determine misspellings
21:47 When creating a listing w/ variations (2 colors), do I edit each ASIN w/ different KW, descriptions, or just the main parent ASIN?
22:38 What are the key factors Amazon uses to rank a listing organically
24:58 Do we always need to run PPC to keep organic ranking
26:02 Does Amazon change PPC bids during different time slots based on search volume
26:17 Is having your friends vote the helpful button considered review manipulation
26:54 Best marketplaces aside from the NA ones to sell in
27:43 Do you have an answer key that you can plug on the 200 words to avoid pesticides
28:12 If I sell a brand item and bundle it w/ something else or my brand item, should I use a new UPC code and who do I put a brand/manufacturer on the listing
30:12 Best tips for product research
31:35 I got 2 new reviews today but my total review count only went up by one
32:22 I know I can't put brand names in backend search items or Alt text, but what about book titles. I've seen many of my competitors do this. Is this w/in Amazon TOS
33:10 I just wanted to know if most of you have your parcels shrieked wrapped
33:33 To structure the title, would you recommend one of the following characters "-" or "|"
33:52 Editorial reviews overrated
34:14 We have a top product in our category and it has 6 variations. We want to split the listing into 2, how would we do this? Would the 2nd listing have a good ranking like the 1st
35:27 How do I stop Amazon bots from taking text from my listing images and auto-populating listing features incorrectly
37:00 I use my brand name on Amazon CA and USA all caps, is it better to trademark it as all caps or in the proper case
37:42 You have said that PPC is rather far down on the list in the A9 algorithm of ranking, however, it seems to be your main go-to to gain rank
38:30 Can you elaborate how the PPC can push you higher in ranking w/o breaking the bank
39:14 What is the process of changing to the new brand, how do I tackle it
40:24 I can no longer get the first name, last name, address from my customers in Amazon anymore. I used to be able to do that and run ads on Facebook for them
42:41 Have 13 products for Amazon. Since I am a new seller, how many of each product should I have available for shipping to Amazon? Will I be limited to 200 total or 200 per product listing
44:32 I'm about to launch 3 SKUs and coming out the gate w/ a heavy restocking limit for the current SKU. What are your counsel and wisdom on product launches in this world
45:13 My bullet points just randomly disappeared on my listing
45:56 When sending a softcover book to FBA, do you recommend some form of prep for protection? 

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