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Vendor Central Tips & Tricks - Ask My Amazon Guy Weekly Q&A

October 25, 2021
My Amazon Guy
Vendor Central Tips & Tricks - Ask My Amazon Guy Weekly Q&A
Show Notes

00:00 Intro
10:25 Amazon Freight: Startup with an Amazon
12:53 Amazon Advertising Test Opportunity: DSP - Demand Side Platform
14:05 Advice on changing locked fields
15:33 In VC, what flat file to use for changes to category field & other fields
17:45 Making bundles from other brands, what brand/manufacturer do I enter when adding the listing
18:55 On flat files for listing edits, when do you use the UPDATE option over a PARTIAL UPDATE
20:30 GTIN exemption vs GS1 UPCs, why UPC route would be better for only a couple of SKUs
21:28 Do you have any video samples showing the process and your submissions to kick off unauthorized sellers on one of your or your client's listings
22:38 Are you using Helium10's new feature "title density" for any of your listing optimizations
22:49 How many characters can Alt Test for image have? Do the word index that on the image
24:28 Do you suggest using the (Shipping Settings Automation) for self-fulfilled products
25:07 I sell 300 units from 1 product using FBA, if converted to FBM, approximately how many units will be sold, FBA higher price because of the shipping
25:44 I shipped 30 products in 1 box to AMZ. They say there were 31 in the box - shipment still receiving after 2 weeks. If true, items do not have FNSKU only bard code on the label
26:55 I want to open a Walmart seller account, what is the application activation time? Is it very hard to get approved? Any tip signing up
28:00 We provide a customer service number with our product. If the customer calls and asks for a refund, will issuing a refund without AMZ being in the loop cause a problem
28:59 Do you have a recommendation for liability insurance? Amazon is asking for a COI. How much should I expect to pay every month
30: 22 Does your brand store content (verbiage + alt-text) have ranking power and help w/ indexing
How do I set up PPC campaigns for the 1st time via Excel spreadsheet upload vs. manually
31:10 How do I set up PPC campaigns for the 1st time via Excel spreadsheet upload vs. manually
31:53 My product has color variations. Swatches are not showing on the listings. I included the link to the images for the swatch in the flat file and uploaded it. It was saved in the backend but still don’t show on the listing
33:10 Will a partial refund count as a full refund in Amazon return/refund percentages stats
33:38 When I view products in the Brand section on Seller Central on Amazon, it shows Office Products behind my brand name. How do I check if my product is really in Office Products instead of Arts & Crafts
35:32 What is your acceptable defective rate for inspection of your product? What do you do if the report failed or is higher than the AQL you set
36:39 AMZ lost my shipment
37:51 I suddenly lost organic ranking for one of my main KW over a month ago. I was page one for this KW and not it doesn't even show in search
40:40 In broad, I convert for a search term really well and the root KW is my mos profitable and highest seller but in phrase and exact, I have below 0.2 CTR and hardly any sales
47:07 I'm trying to ship pallets to AMZ w/ a mixture of the following: Single SKU in single boxes stacked onto the pallet, and also clear bags w/ product inside packed into boxes. All the clear bags contain the same SKU
48:02 As an employee, does Steven allow you and others to launch your own products/brand
48:48 My product is not indexing when you search the ASIN+KW out of its category. Should I try a partial upload flat file to update the product type to the right one
49:34 I have updated my title, bullets, description but haven't received more indexing

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