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How to Start Selling Amazon FBA (2022) Steven Pope Weekly Q&A - Ask Any Seller Central Question

December 20, 2021 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
How to Start Selling Amazon FBA (2022) Steven Pope Weekly Q&A - Ask Any Seller Central Question
Show Notes

00:00 How to Start Selling Amazon FBA (2022)
10:59 What is your top advice for beginner seller in choosing product to sell
12:45 If you had to do Amazon FBA all over again as a beginner, what would you do? What goals you set for the first 6-12 months of being a beginner seller
15:04 Do I need to do trademark and brand registry before launching the first product
15:58 Is your company a part of the Amazon IP Accelerator program
17:41 Who do you use for your YT thumbnails? They are on fire
18:17 Do you have a recommendation for an app that tracks real-time FBA profits
19:07 For FBA, would Amazon ever pick and scan an item with an FNSKU label that doesn’t belong to the bin
20:15 What are your best practices for using Amazon posts
21:33 What are your best practices for using Amazon Live
22:21 How do you forecast sales for a new brand that signs up with MAG
24:17 I have to pay $10-25 to ship FBM, customer picked free standard shipping. Does this have to do w/ the new Shipping Setting Automation by Amazon
26:47 Do you help brands w/ generating reviews
27:20 I just launched 2 gift set w/o any reviews 4 days ago, in the pamper gift category AMZ UK. I'm doing PPC but the budget lasts me until midday. 1 manual and 1 automatic campaign
30:33 I know it's quite expensive during this time of the year, but is it worth increasing the budgets
30:40 Any strategy to survive in AMZ dominant niche
31:04 What would the average net profit margin be for your clients
32:34 If my sales are $100,000/mo on AMZ, what sales numbers should I expect if I start selling on Walmart
33:29 I understand that CTR and conversion rates can vary depending on the category and other factors, but for supplements in general can I use a benchmark of 0.3% for CTR and 10-20% for CvR
35:13 Should the concept of CTR and conversion rates be different for PPC vs SEO
37:47 I'm launching a new candle holder that can be sold in 4 groups of KWs (candle holder, gifts, cool stuff, decor) statistically, w/c groups should I target first
38:48 Did you sell any of your brands before, and what are your thoughts on selling brands
40:20 Does AMZ prefer low priced items if the quality is ok
42:56 I've been receiving global reviews even though our item is only sold in the US
43:49 Do you prefer coupons or strike thru pricing or a combination of the two? How do you decide what to use for each client
45:50 Having an IP issue and a competitor removed my selling rights to my main product
46:54 Is AMZ market giving the best for low price high sales velocity products
47:08 How to know the monthly revenue of a product in Saudi Arabia
47:17 What would be your best suggestion when we got out of stock
48:06 What advertising campaign structure would you recommend
48:50 I'm getting only organic sales not getting any sales on ads
49:02 How much time does a Private Label product takes to give profit in the UK for stationery and office product w/ the price of 12.99
49:30 What AMZ advertising campaign would you recommend between deal voucher prime exclusive
49:39 I'm getting 5461 error while creating a new product. I tried the same barcode on another seller account (brand registered) it worked
50:36 Regarding Subscribe and Save option on the detail page is something that comes from AMZ or seller can sign up for it
51:16 I'm trying to create a storefront for my business, but after I hit submit I'm getting a lot of "not eligible) flags for my categories
 52:11 Buy Box wins percentage on seller central dashboard fluctuating wildly; in the morning it is different and later in the day it is different
53:11 How much inventory we can store in FBA as a new seller

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