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Brand Name in the Product Title Listing: Amazon Q&A with Jason Mastromatteo - May 17, 2022

June 03, 2022
My Amazon Guy
Brand Name in the Product Title Listing: Amazon Q&A with Jason Mastromatteo - May 17, 2022
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00:00 My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A 
10:02 Introduction of co-host of the day Fernando Azevedo
10:56 Will you lose your honeymoon period for FBA if you launch thru FBM first?
13:46 Brand New Invention in the title suspended the product by Amazon.
15:53 How do add UPC to the existing ASIN which doesn’t have UPC and GTIN exempted?
16:35 Amazon doesn't allow me to move up the price on an item more than 6.99.
20:43 As we live our listing on Amazon from starting what kind of PPC campaign we should run on our new listing?
24:43 Do search terms need to be in the order of relevance like the title. I've been putting them in alphabetical order for easy viewing?
31:00 Can you infiltrate a highly competitive industry?
34:36 Should or shouldn't put Brand Name in front of the title?
36:56 Do you know of anyone being suspended (hopefully for good) recently for fake reviews?
39:02 Search Term field on the backend.
39:43 When you see time and time again when a good video review has been upvoted to go to the top, why can’t amazon see something so obvious?
42:41 If we have not put the brand name in front and if re-target customers want to purchase again, and they type brand on search, do the listing will show up?
46:50 If flagged keywords are only in the Search Terms field, (but not in the title, bullets, description, or A+ content) could this be an issue? Amazon sent an email recommending keywords to try to rank for in PPC, but unsure if words are safe to add to Search Terms.
51:18 How do some buyers never purchase the product but are allowed to write reviews on new ASIN?
53:13 Amazon rejected my counterfeit claim on my ASIN with my brand with registered trademark.
56:21 A couple of years ago the WSJ did an expose on products with fake reviews, one was a product in my category.
57:46 Do you guys know if you can put PR in EBC?
1:01:16 Does it really takes Amazon about 15days to approve A+ content?
1:02:26 How long to push a totally unique and fantastic product to the first page in its category and how much would it cost (it’s a $40 product)?
1:04:06 ​I have an ASIN that will soon stock out and have raised the price. Should I throttle down my PPC on the ASIN immediately?
1:06:08 MAG helped me recover my brand on my ASIN. Thank You.
1:07:22 Do you recommend custom creative for DSP ads?
1:08:08 During launching a new product, what is the target ACOS do you think is ok during launching?
1:09:59 Can you recommend the best AI automatic content copy creator?
1:10:11 What is a formula for deduplicating keywords from a search term report?
1:10:24 Do or do not negative bleeder keywords?
1:10:41 ​The trouble is every product in my category tells everyone that their product is the best in the world.
1:10:58 I am talking to Saban. He's helping me out on the hijacking
1:11:03 I watch all your vides and still don't know what a keyword is
1:11:08 ​I have a 100k/month account /50 SKUs. I have no idea what PPC or advertising is on Amazon. My spend is like 500$/month with a campaign I did for fun.

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