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How to Engage Amazon Customers - Steven Pope Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A

June 03, 2022
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How to Engage Amazon Customers - Steven Pope Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A
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00:00 Steven Pope Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A
09:53 Hello and welcome
10:52 Engagement email campaign
13:43 Replacing the email asking for reviews
14:02 Free organic content that can be created as a brand on Amazon
15:47 Where is Sage?
16:02 What's works best when pricing a product
17:08 Removing a review from a non-verified buyer
20:29 How much does Amazon favor brands that use social media
22:12 Rule on increasing PPC campaigns
26:30 Top-of-search impression share
27:52 How to fix blacklisted Amazon store account
29:13 The difference between auto substitutes and category targeting
32:54 Knowing what sourced items are popular/profitable
37:22 The hierarchy of contacting seller support works
37:48 The Campaign Manager Targeting tab
38:31 New product in the probiotic supplement category
38:59 Getting a counterfeit strike from Amazon 
39:38 Are listings with 6 bullet points indexed?
40:40 Launching a new ASIN
41:50 Keyword with high search volume consumes entire budget
45:24 Going over 250 characters for bullet points
42:56 How often listing SEO should be updated
45:06 Advertising on a virtual bundle
45:35 Increasing the shipping restock limits
47:11 How soon to start negating keywords on a new campaign
47:57 Contacting Amazon and requesting to be transferred to review section
48:26 The new seller badge
51:08 Focusing on product differentiation
53:19 GS1 versus UPC
54:13 Tracking keyword indexing
55:13 Selling under Small and Light 
58:41 Hazmat product submission
59:31 Easiest way to clear slow-selling variations
1:00:54 Putting Amazon Promo codes on a product insert
1:01:15 CPC goes higher and higher since August 2021
1:02:40 Amazon is shipping seller's products in its original box
1:04:06 Getting a Review Manipulation Strike from Amazon
1:04:35 Seller has not received a single review
1:05:14 Popping a flyer into a product to direct customers to a Shopify store
1:05:51 Best tip for reaching out to influencers
1:06:18 Selling a brand that's not yet brand registered
1:06:56 A video on seller partner API from Amazon
1:07:19 Hijacker claims the listing in case seller didn't register the brand on Amazon
1:08:28 Taking questions from Facebook Live
1:08:46 The discounted partner carrier rates
1:09:32 Seller's friend reviewed his product and Amazon removed some of the reviews
1:10:13 Launching two new products
1:10:39 Text in product description
1:11:06 Changing the product ID

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(Cont.) How to Engage Amazon Customers - Steven Pope Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A
(Cont.) How to Engage Amazon Customers - Steven Pope Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A