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Amazon Rolling Out Remote Fulfillment FBA: My Amazon Guy Weekly Q&A, June 3, 2022

June 17, 2022
My Amazon Guy
Amazon Rolling Out Remote Fulfillment FBA: My Amazon Guy Weekly Q&A, June 3, 2022
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00:00 My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A 
09:56 Hello and good morning
10:40 Amazon is rolling out remote fulfillment FBA for Canada and Mexico
11:48 How to tank up a 5000-search volume keyword with a limited budget
13:36 How to use a flat file to update quantity and price every day
15:27 Decent amount of stock for an initial test order
16:59 Performance budget rules
18:04 Amazon seller wants to sell another seller's products 
19:23 Thoughts on the Vine program
21:20 Lesson learned from the Mom's Gift Box product
22:06 Strategy to go with a highly competitive niche
23:25 How to improve the click-through rate
24:07 Product ranking jumps from page 1 to the bottom of page two, then goes back to page 1
26:16 What percentage of buyers actually read product descriptions?
27:55 Purchasing Nike products then selling them on Amazon without informing the Nike Store
29:46 What makes you get out of bed and bustle hard every day?
31:37 How to combat competitors who are creating false purchases
32:21 Removing feedback that are 90+ days old
32:56 Selling a bundle's individual products 
35:10 Should a campaign be created with clean slate?
36:27 What to do with a very old PPC-phrase campaigns
37:58 Factors to consider when completely cutting off a certain SKU 
39:46 Guidance for bids on a video campaign 
40:51 Competitors using 7 or 8 modules for A+ instead of just 5.
41:54 Auto campaign versus broad match campaign when launching a product
43:15 How to stop other sellers from using your own images
43:44 How to market identical products to two different audiences
47:20 Thoughts on the opinion that Budgets should always be astronomically large
50:01 Can someone residing outside the US engage in a wholesale business model in the US?
50:58 Suggested Bid & Range are higher when viewed in the campaign itself
52:58 How to get fast approval on SPV campaigns
53:58 If you made 2 sponsored product variations for the same keyword, will they both appear?
54:07 Where most of the traffic is coming from
56:54 Software that highlights the errors on the listing
58:18 Method to use on grouping keyword targets together
1:00:19 Why do Amazon ads for a product sometimes say "pending review" and sometimes don't?
1:01:12 If we hire you to manage our PPC, do you always charge 3%?
1:01:45 The cost of adding a video that covers 2/3 of a row
1:04:20 Demographic info not showing up in Search Query
1:07:17 How effective are videos on sponsored brands?
1:08:44 What work do you do for PPC clients?
1:10:43 Tool to track daily sales, PPC sales/spend, cogs, etc. that show per ASIN and account total 
1:45:38 Would it be better to launch with one color in case it starts with bad reviews?
1:12:40 How much should a beginner invest for PPC?
1:16:15 Unable to upload different images for each of the two variations
1:17:06 Listing and A+ content pictures look pixelated 
1:18:03 Strategy to put in PPC if a keyword has 10k search results
1:19:44 What to do when a request f

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(Cont.) Amazon Rolling Out Remote Fulfillment FBA: My Amazon Guy Weekly Q&A, June 3, 2022
(Cont.) Amazon Rolling Out Remote Fulfillment FBA: My Amazon Guy Weekly Q&A, June 3, 2022