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Etsy SEO Tutorial [NEW ALT Text Feature]

July 15, 2022
My Amazon Guy
Etsy SEO Tutorial [NEW ALT Text Feature]
Show Notes

How to build SEO inside Etsy

00:00 Alt Text New Feature for Etsy
01:10 Alt text is basically keywords that are behind a photo
01:23 It is another way to tag products to be findable on a search engine
01:28 Etsy and amazon or any other marketplaces are simply search engines
02:16 Photos are for humans and texts are for the robots 
02:49 Guide on how to Add Text Alternative to your Listing Images on Etsy
05:28 Use Helium 10 to check the organic keywords
06:43 Etsy lets us add 250 characters while Amazon only allows 100 characters
11:04 In lieu of Helium 10,  add content you’ve written in your content and paste them to the photo.
11:16 Rank better as a result of the alt text
11:18 The goal is to index for more keywords; show up more times with your product for more Keywords in the search engine results

My listing:

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Etsy ALT Text help file

How to Add a Text Alternative to Your Listing Images
Text alternative (or “alt text”) provides an image description to buyers who can’t see what you’re showing in your listing images. If your default shop language is set to English, you can add an image description for each of your listing images so that your content is accessible to blind and low-vision individuals.

These descriptions don’t appear visually on the page. Adding a text alternative to your listing images also positively impacts your listings’ SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

To add a text alternative to your listing images:

Sign in to and go to Shop Manager.
Select Listings.
Select a listing.
Hover over the photo you want to add alternative text to.
Select the pencil icon.
Type your alternative text in the box underneath the image.
Choose Save.
You can add a description for as many images as you want.

How to write a great image description
Follow these best practices to describe your images in text alternatives:

Describe the item’s details: what it looks like, the texture, the scale in relation to other items in your photograph.
Think about what buyers would lose out on if your images didn’t load on the page.
Keep the description concise: up to 250 characters.
Examples of text alternative
Watch display holder rests on a table, made of a long, wooden block base with 3 thick round columns sticking up enough for a watch band to sit sideways. Customizable text etched into the block base. Watch dial etched into top of the middle column.

Should I add text alternatives to all of my images?
It is especially beneficial to describe different views, details, or variations of your listing. If you provide different descriptions, each image will have different alt text for blind and low vision individuals to further understand what each of your images is showing.

What impacts my SEO?
Adding your shop name, listing title, listing description, or other attributes (tags, SKUs, etc.) to the alt text won’t be an additional benefit to your listing’s SEO as these items are already part of your shop or listing pages. Alt text is used to describe the photo for someone who cannot see it – this can include search engine bots.

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