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PPC Strategies for Newly Launch Product: Ask Any Seller Central Question with Jason Mastromatteo

July 30, 2022
My Amazon Guy
PPC Strategies for Newly Launch Product: Ask Any Seller Central Question with Jason Mastromatteo
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00:00 - My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A
09:57 - Introduction of co-host for today, Enrique Becerra
10:54 - Shipping oversized units to customers via freight carriers
12:46 - Product insert mentioning free giveaway or QR code printed on the packaging
15:09 - PPC strategy for newly launched product
16:23 - PPC from the beginning
17:07 - Alibaba equivalent for Mexico/Latin American product manufacturing
18:28 - Cannibalization of your ads
20:13 - Creating an exact match campaign for a specific KW I'm not indexing for help me organically index eventually
21:27 - For your own product research, what percentage net margin do you aim for
22:57 - FBA returns to the seller directly
24:54 - When optimizing PPC campaigns, ex. 14 days' worth of data. What should be the sequence? Search term report first to see possible negations, then KW bids, then Budget? How many days in between each?
27:32 - How should PPC be adjusted when either raising or lowering the price
29:53 - How to find clients as an Amazon PPC service provider
30:54 - If I can see running out of stock, should I also lower the bid
33:30 - 14 days ago I had 2000 organic KWs, and 2000 sponsored. I did SEO phase 3 by duplicating the most important KWs in exact match form throughout the listing, now the organic KW count is 1500, and PPC is untouched
34:44 - Do you recommend only ASIN targeting newly launched products
37:30  - Advice on how to become good with PPC insights, metrics, and optimization
38:12 - Campaign structure for a newly launched product w/c does not have many relevant KWs
40:05 - With performing keywords, do you keep them active in both broad and exact match campaigns
41:00 - Different pictures are shown in my product listing
43:21 - A+ content untouched, just added the most important KWs 2-3x in bullets, backend search terms, subject matter
44:05 - FBA and FBM stock out flipping
46:01 - Key points to monitor in the business report
51:05  - How do you turn on email notifications for Amazon Answers (Q&A) on product pages
54:27 - Doing online arbitrage product sourcing problem, how to improve it
56:46 - How to launch PPC campaign for a newly launched product in the US marketplace when the product is in the honeymoon period
59:29 - How do you manage ACOS when getting out of budget

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