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Benefits of Amazon Launchpad ? Best PPC Strategy for Prime Day? My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A

July 31, 2022
My Amazon Guy
Benefits of Amazon Launchpad ? Best PPC Strategy for Prime Day? My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A
Show Notes
00:00 - My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A, June 17, 2022
10:03 - Introduction for co-host, Aadil Qamer
10:38 - Amazon 2022 Prime Day, July 12-13
12:09 - Benefit of Amazon Launchpad on sales boost
13:57 - Solution for 5665 error using brand name on a new listing
15:48 - Do you have to be branded to give a trademark to sell new items
16:20 - FBA Warehouse to destroy rather than return product when having stranded inventory
17:05 - Completing parentage title for ranking and SEO
18:51 - Broad & phrase match campaigns
20:15 - Amazon received two boxes, however content of one box was not checked in
21:39 - Amazon auto-enrolling US FBA sellers into NARF
22:46 - ​Best strategy for low-budget PPC
24:08 - SEO relationship between Parent-Child ASINs
25:58 - ​If running a broad match campaign and the main KW is vitamin c serum, would It make sense to have another high volume KW’s like vitamin c serum for face, skin, or cleanser
27:23 - PPC strategy for size variation
28:21 - Launchpad is not worth the money or effort
28:35 - Amazon seller support sending the same response
30:28 - How long should the launch process should take
32:00 - When creating Prime Day-specific campaigns, would I keep my regular campaigns still on
33:03 - Do you hire only those w/ experience and fluent English comms skills
33:38 - Tools and techniques for wholesale hunting
33:58 - Tools for keyword search
37:04 - German VAT and to get exemption for AMZ Germany
37:32 - Unoptimized listing affected after aggressive PPC
38:30 - Advantage of using Phrase Match vs Broad Match
38:59 - Better tool for AMZ wholesale hunting, H10 or Junglescout
38:09 - With product w/ size variations, how to increase sales for other sizes
40:59 - How to expand in another market like EU
42:09 - Best tool to count bytes
43:02 - Conversion rate above 15% is leaving sales on the table
44:09 - Coping up in a situation where competitors have drastically reduced prices
45:40 - Criteria to use to decide when to switch from fixed bit to up/down
47:01 - Recommendation to set up 1,000 products into ad campaigns
47:52 - "Provide missing tracking IDs" when sending inventory from China
48:56 - Someone is arbitrating my products for a high premium and I'm getting bad reviews due to the high price
49:56 - One day sales are good and second day sales are down
51:16 - All points of differentiation between the old bulk PPC and the new one that will go into effect on July 1st
53:19 - Could creating another variant be competing against yourself
54:19 - How to get hijacker off the listing while TM is pending
55:17 - How to change GS1 code w/o losing reviews and ratings
58:02 - Products get better sales on PDP, but not top of search
59:22 - Is there a way to find the number of reviews that each child variation has individually
1:00:06 - Incorrect data on Category Listings Report
1:02:57 - Better tool than Junglescout and Helium10
1:03:13 - Running aggressive PPC on unoptimized listing
1:04:53 - With launched product, getting clicks and impression on PDP using diff PPC strat but not getting sales and ACOS 386%
1:06:47 - Product launch date or date first available be an option to create an FBA listing in advance
1:08:12 - Group products by category or hunders of campaigns in the spreadsheet load, does MAG or AMZ do this?
1:09:17 - Top item campaign bid got much higher than the item in original price
1:11:07 - Is Customer Conversion Rate column giving the CVR for the brand or showing the CVR for the category
1:12:11 - 2 answered questions does not styp on top of the PDP
1:13:40 - Under the Category column, the difference between the info that starts with /Products and /Categories
1:14:08 - Keywords to target in broad and phrase
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