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Selling products in one of the most highly competitive niches - My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A

August 01, 2022
My Amazon Guy
Selling products in one of the most highly competitive niches - My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A
Show Notes

00:00 My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A, June 21, 2022
10:00 Introduction of the guest, Charles Wolf
13:52 Analyze Top 10 Competitors indexing organic keywords using Cerebro
14:04 Make sure that you are organically indexing for the right amount of keywords.
16:50 Number 1 rule, Never ever go Out of Stock!
19:25 Every word on Bullet Points indexes
21:10  Categories are simply the categories they're in while products are the specific products.
21:22 Brand Metrics gives a broad overview of brand-specific performance on a specific category.
24:28 Advertising is run on an SKU level; run campaign ads for products that are performing better
25:41 Amazon sellers have no issue with buying their own product; allows them to check shipping and packaging conditions of their product.
26:43 To change the US listing images without changing the listing images of the other marketplaces don’t upload the images in the traditional style, rather get a URL for your images then upload your URL via template flat-file in the specific marketplace
29:24 For newly launched product, better to enroll on Vine to allow reviews to come in
32:55 If you have a broad scope of consumers, target the consumers in your listings based on the highest percentage of buyers or demographics.
34:06 Focus on your main demographic
37:09 Phrase campaign should include both long and short keywords based on your strategy
37.35 The listings become active once you put the start date at the back end
37:42 Amazon decides when your account becomes active after you get an account approved.
38:15 Three important items to be filled at the backend: start date, offer date, and release date.
38:18 Set them to a future date to preserve the honeymoon period, get your listing baked, get your product in FBA and bring back the date to the current date and launch the product.
42:34 Checking and optimizing reviews, price, and main image helps relevancy and increases conversion
44:36 Purpose of Broad Phrase is to get more people to see and buy your product
46:50 Amazon needs an invoice from legit suppliers and distributors to confirm the supply chain
51:15 Never negate a good keyword; negate a keyword when it is hurting you
54:08 Competitor analysis is finding the top 10 relevant products you want to launch using tools like Helium 10, Zonguru and others
58:36 Fix and adjust bids and focus on the right keywords to index

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