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Difference Between Ranking and Indexing? How Powerful is Brand Registry Ticket? Steven Pope FBA AMA

August 02, 2022
My Amazon Guy
Difference Between Ranking and Indexing? How Powerful is Brand Registry Ticket? Steven Pope FBA AMA
Show Notes

00:00 Steven Pope Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - June 24, 2022
10:03 Pakistan is now the #3 most common seller in the US
10:45 KWs competitors are ranking for
16:37 MAG School SEO Course
17:16 Pros when sending to AMZ compared to the old workflow
18:23 Launching a tumbler with crypto/day trading niche
19:08 KW + Brand name, am I able to index for that
22:02 Unable to put the brand name in the listing
22:10 Does repeating best converting KW in the back end has an impact
22:36 Diff between SEO ranking and index
22:56 Target ACoS
26:32 ASIN radically swings in organic ranking
27:45 What's the deal with Melissa & Doug brand
29:36 For the scaling campaign, will it work simply by increasing the budget
30:23 What do you do when a bid far exceeds the 7-day CPC
31:18 Way to re-trigger honeymoon period w/o creating new SKU
32:01 Broad and Phrase match campaign budgets
33:55 Techniques when pricing products on AMZ
34:47 Featured Brands filter
35:35 Text in brand story blocks 70% of the image
36:21 Thoughts on 200 blank tumblers w/ no design sent to the 3PL warehouse
37:42 Which KWs generating more sales organically
38:29 Outlook on Amazon for the next 3 months
39:41 In a campaign with variations, variation A gets more favor over others. Should I pause the rest and create a new campaign with the other variations? 
43:04 I target gold candle holder broad match in search terms and I see that AMZ is spending on the "candle holder" search term. is that possible with broad match
44:06 How do to get asked questions to be next to ratings
44:52 Search Catalog Performance
47:12 My Amazon Guy is hiring!
49:20 Section above the bullets and below the title (Special Ingredients) carry the same search weight
50:17 Same KW has a different default bid in different campaigns
51:09 Sometimes the questions are right next to reviews and sometimes below
51:58 Change product listing images in target market w/o changing images in source market
53:22 Tips on monitoring the growth or shrinking of a niche and competitor sales
54:52 Product is alleged by a customer to have caused them physical harm i.e. an allergic reaction, who is liable
56:05 Some listings have a line next to the ratings saying 20 asked questions with a link to the questions
56:27 Can you get Amazon to stop using FNSKU and only use the UPC
56:52 Do you recommend your courses for newbies
57:59 Bullet points not updating on the PDP
58:27 Sponsored brand broad campaign or sponsored brand exact
59:00 Amazon Online Arbitrage
59:47 How to find the winning contributor to the ASIN
1:00:16 Best recommendation: Perpetua, Sellics, or other?
1:00:40 My most important KWs have a suggested exact match bid of 1.75 - 2, to be conservative I am starting with them at $1.2 - 1.4. Thoughts on this as a way to rank for these KWs
1:01:02 Client is hesitant to give AMZ seller central child access
1:01:25 Brand registry suddenly got disconnected
1:02:00 If we have a product but its main KW shows products of the same niche but these products are made up of different materials, can we use this KW as the main KW
1:02:24 Is it a risk to have a child item made in the USA and another child item made in China
1:02:57 High pricing for products with better marketing/content in a high competition market
1:03:16 Ideas on how to deal with black hat competitors that massively upvotes your negative KW 
1:03:51 Is it permissible on AMZ to send my PDP link to my friends excluding my family
1:04:11 How to check w/c KWs are generating sales organically
1:04:58 If I have multiple CHILD ASIN, could I use different keywords on each CHILD listing on the backend
1:06:12 The cure to a high conversion rate is to grow traffic

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