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What Do I Need To Know When Launching A Product: My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A, 06/28/22

August 03, 2022
My Amazon Guy
What Do I Need To Know When Launching A Product: My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A, 06/28/22
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00:00 My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A, 06/28/2022
10:20 Will adding variations to your top selling ASINs help your BSR by combining your reviews and get to a better star rating
14:17 How to start Amazon dropshipping
16:24 How can I choose a winning product
17:26 Inventory reached Amazon warehouse but with mistake, 2 variations are listed under the same ASIN and Amazon is showing same inventory for both variations
19:40 Amazon UK can't verify my Amazon payment account
20:58 "New" on Seller Central - Catalog, Inventory, Reports
22:16 Preparing about listing Christmas products
26:28 When should we create the listing for a new product launch to ensure honeymoon period
28:01 Search query performance ICAP funnel, seeing huge drop from cart adds to purchases
31:04 My listing is the most expensive on the 1st page, is there a smart way to icrementally test
31:36 Currently selling in UK, VAT registered, want to sell in Europe/Germany, where and how to start
33:10 Which report to use to bulk update list price
35:31 What does "Is Package Level Orderable" mean
37:03 Can I sell adult toys on Amazon
38:48 Which payment gateway to use in Amazon
39:07 If you show up for the "highly rated by reviews" section do you pay for that click
40:37 Any other best practices for Prime DAy besides just raising budgets
42:19 What's your input regarding perpetua for PPC
43:24 How can we know during product validation that how many Chinese sellers are there in top 10 competitors
45:30 We are selling w/ 15% coupon and notice 70% of buyers didn't apply for the coupon
46:26 No hidden suppression, but is there any other hidden handicap Amazon can impose that will prevent a product from organically ranking
48:34 Our new listing is not indexed for some reason
50:30 Where do you take KW/search terms for new listings
55:49 When searching for a product to sell on Amazon, is there a minimum sale price you want to be above
56:23 Do you bump up PPC budget during prime day weekend
56:30 Who can I contact from MAG to have Amazon send an invite or a 2nd Amazon account
57:29 Are you still hiring for copywriters
57:44 Why do set the start date to the day before once all you products are checked in when making a listing
58:16 Can I ship into FBA Germany or UK and have all listings available for all other countries
59:15 We are already authorized on Brand Registry but seller support says we can't update the copy because the brand owner controls the ASIN
1:01:09 If you make A+ content, can you modify it per product listing
1:01:36 Do you switch PPC campaigns on and off depending on how they perform
1:02:48 Try "vitamin e oil" as the KW for the highly rated based on star rating
1:03:43 Any fast way to  check through campaigns negative ASINs to make sure none entered that should be active
1:04:15 Do you know a way to combine reviews across parentage
1:05:03 In the UK market, the new Add a Product interface has launched by Amazon
1:07:39 How to apply to MAG PPC team
1:08:29 Free version of Helium 10
1:08:59 My product was flagged as CBD and removed from the catalog
1:11:45 Launched a product and started PPC. Made 7 sales and spent more than a thousand dollars
1:12:59 How to audit PPC report
1:13:24 Can we delete the column in a flat file
1:14:01 How to I add UPC to existing ASIN w/c didn't have any UPC before

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