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Are You Ready to Move Up on Your SEO Phase? Steven Pope Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - July 1, 2022

August 04, 2022
My Amazon Guy
Are You Ready to Move Up on Your SEO Phase? Steven Pope Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - July 1, 2022
Show Notes

00:00 Steven Pope Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A, July 1, 2022
11:08 In SEO Phase 3, Will you lose ranking for when you use strike zone KWs to replace existing KWs
14:54 Got 1 star review for my new launch, if inventory is removed and relisted, will I get the honeymoon period again
15:25 Minimum Price column on Prime Exclusive Discounts
16:33 Brand Referral Bonus Program, average % back for supplement sales in the health & household category
17:12 Best channel to drive off-Amazon traffic from the Brand Referral Bonus Program
17:30 Degrees of Separation - What connections are ok for someone to leave a review
18:49 Is there any relation a category has on product's ability to rank for relevant and important KWs
19:29 from 2000 to 1500 organic KWs after doing SEO Phase 3
22:29 Good top of search percentage modifier to use for Prime Day
23:23 Should you create new Prime Day-specific campaigns
24:24 Thoughts on PPC targeting w/ modified broad match for all use cases
25:32 Do shipping tracking numbers have to be entered by SKU
26:10 Once my products have arrived is it still up to me to set a start selling date
27:29 Is targeting "Today's deal placements" or "Prime Day" w/ a broad match modified worth it
27:56 Anyone combining "Brand Referral Bonus" w/ "Amazon Affiliates"
28:45 Difference between "Your Price", "Sale Price", and "List Price"
30:13 ASIN Comparison: B07NR2C5BB vs B08DR16XGV
33:23 Amazon PPC apparently has a 10k unique campaign limit
34:14 When you do SEO phase 1-3, do you actually see an increase in sales
35:34 Contact w/in Amazon that can send an invite for a 2nd account
35:58 SD competitive ASIN target campaign for the week after PD to take advantage of the traffic they generated for their ASINs on PD
36:54 Seeing huge drop from cart add to purchase
39:19 What brand share % is normal for purchases
41:41 For Display Targetting, I've had success w/ a 7day lookback period but not w/ any other windows. Any tips to get the other lookback windows to perform better.
42:26 My ASINs have dropped below 100 for rank in my category, how to diagnose what is causing the drop. 
44:45 How should we as Amazon sellers adjust to move differently to deal w/ 2 consecutive quarters of negative GDP
46:56 Profit margin is 34% and TACOS is 23%, how to reduce this
51:03 Can you have a logo + headline and custom image for SD in one ad group and one creative
1:00:08 Are you allowed to insert opt-in offers inside the packaging of your product to get customers to buy your tripwire product
1:01:12 Will sales info through NARF roll into 1099K from Amazon
1:02:15 Why haven't you launched a chess product on Amazon
1:03:30 Do you review multiple listings copy software that uses Open AI's GPT-3 NLP model
1:04:46 KW research for UAE while a similar product in another market like US or UK, can we use that KWs w/c target or used in their listing
1:05:41 How does your agency scale SEO updates across lots of SKUs
1:08:02 Pros and cons of launching 2 products as child-parent vs separate listings
1:10:29 Best technique to find profitable products in FBA wholesale
1:11:34 Listed under the "Earbuds and Headphones" category ven though listed under "Automotive Scanners" from the backend, now ads are showing up in the wrong category
1:12:32 Have an item I want to sell for over $100 but listed by mistake for $35 and lose the BB if the price is increased by more than $60
1:13:43 Have pricing for FedEx International Ground Shipping to CA (from the US) and not seeing it as a shipping option on Amazon
1:15:24 Advice for Prime Day especially for low-margin items, should I run normal coupon
1:15:40 When launching a product, do you go after the lower volume KWs 2k to 15K or the higher volume KWs straightaway

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