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Does It Hurt Your Account When Amazon Bans Your Ads? Steven Pope Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A -July 8, 2022

August 11, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Does It Hurt Your Account When Amazon Bans Your Ads? Steven Pope Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A -July 8, 2022
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00:00 Steven Pope Amazon FBA Weekly Q&A - July 8, 2022
10:17 Enroll now at
11:15 By what percentage has business gone down compared to last year as a consequence of this downturn
13:41 Still unable to join the channel
14:03 Is it a good practice to open another seller account and let my wife sell the same products
15:27 How long doe it takes for the reviews to merge when you create a new variation
16:00 Sales dropped about 30% from the past week w/o changing anything, how to run a report to see what happened
17:16 Original ASINs switched to competitor brands and linked to the brand store after updating the brand name
19:15 Recommended routinary basis to check PPC campaigns and accounts in general
21:04 EPR requirements in Germany and France
22:21 Price increase % that will trigger Amazon to charge you more for PPC
25:03 Different accounts get different bids
25:54 SInce we're in a recession, should I look for new products to sell or wait and see where we're heading
27:53 What are the lessons you learn not to do for the next product
29:04 If we have a product that has multiple sizes and colors, would it make sense to create a campaign together
31:09 How much should CPCs be for a defensive sponsored display campaign targeting your own ASIN
34:04 When targeting competitor ASIN, either KW or product, the CPCs are extremely high
36:04 What is your recommended KW bidding optimization and strategy
38:35 Anyway we can collect and use, w/o braking ToS, customer contact details so we can market to them directly
40:02 Good idea w/ the eye patch w/ your mug
40:07 My stuff is coming by boart as SPD. I have been sent the UPS tracking numbers but the system does not accept the information
41:02 I thought the court demanded Amazon to stop selling products on their own platform
41:58 Thought the FF is supposed to get the BOL from the boat once the products are received
42:55 There are many new ASINs that have taken the category ranks in my category, however, they do not fit the category descriptions
43:33 Any consequences for having wine/beer in the product title
43:54 Do you optimize search term bidding the same as KW
45:07 What happens if my stuff arrives at Amazon w/o the tracking numbers
45:19 Does it hurt your account when Amazon bans your ads
46:21 Which advertising channels do you think will have the biggest impact on sales in the coming years
47:22 Some of my FBA returns are customer damaged, why do Amazon issue full refunds
47:57 A trademarked FBA brand registered product and another seller showed up on my B2B listing, says shipped by Amazon and charge $5.99
49:15 Reports on how products are performing
50:06 If I sell a product w/ a free accessory and a customer returns the product w/o the free accessory, will Amazon still issue a full refund and simply classify the return as "customer damaged"
50:23 Noticed that some listings are ranked in multiple BSR sub categories
51:16 Did actual live video ever become a thing
52:45 Yo said always let the auto campaign run, how about if it was not profitable for the past 90 days
53:04 Difference between default bids and specific KW bids
53:41 A cashflow service I use sees pending Amazon payouts and makes that payout readily available
54:44 SInce your mega pint tumbler is such a niche item, how did you do KW research for it when building the listing
55:12 Way to keep track of changes you make across the account
55:48 What's the best way to combat a large budget competitor
56:13 I noticed some sellers use an add-on item/accessory and are able to link the listing to their brand storefront
56:39 One of my ASINs has been wrongly flagged as a toy
57:11 Is it a good idea to implement the AIDA advertising model in A+ conten

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