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Amazon Keyword Research 🧐 Masterclass

August 13, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Amazon Keyword Research 🧐 Masterclass
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Add a comment "Amazon Keyword Research" to help us rank this video! Amazon Keyword Research Masterclass by Steven Pope, founder of My Amazon Guy. 

Access the search query performance report:

00:00 Amazon Keyword Research Masterclass
00:43 Get 50% off Helium 10
01:12 Keyword Tracker Tool 
01:47 Search Volume History
02:25 One of the keys to Steven Pope's Amazon listing success
03:20 How ranks doing over time
04:41 Some reason why search volume drops
05:19 Diving in dept to Keyword Research
05:42 Helium 10: Cerebro
06:08 The Golden Keyword Ratio of 1:2
06:34 Traffic or Conversion Issue
07:53 Product Title is the most important element in SEO
08:07 2nd most important element in SEO, the Main Image
09:59 3rd most important is the Search Terms at the back end
11:51 The Bullet Points
12:19 The Brand Story is the newest module you can add to PDP
12:51 The A+ Content module
13:08 Alt text can fill in 100 CHARACTERS
13:56 Texts are for robots, images are for consumers
14:43 The A+ Product Grid
15:28 The brand store and social posts
16:57 How do we know where we start our research
19:36 The Search Query Performance Report
21:40 Can I download the Search Query Performance Report
21:53 Can I understand this up to the ASIN Level
23:00 The ICAP Marketing Funnel
26:24 The Master Keyword List
26:51 Helium 10: Magnet
29:31 Proof that Search Terms can have 250 bytes and not characters
33:55 Magnet Analyze Keywords tool
35:04 The Search Query Performance Tornado 
35:48 If you have a Pyramid or Tornado, you have a problem with either traffic or conversion
36:21 Helium 10: Misspellinator Tool
38:36 Helium 10: My List - Keywords
39:43 The Competitor Report
50:11 Checkout MAG SEO Playlist
50:30 Keyword Product Research

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