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How to Optimize an Amazon Product, ASIN Review Q&A with Steven Pope - July 15, 2022

August 18, 2022 Steven Pope
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How to Optimize an Amazon Product, ASIN Review Q&A with Steven Pope - July 15, 2022
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00:00 Amazon Weekly Live Q&A with Steven Pope - July 15, 2022
10:43 Updates from the recent AMZ Powwow Conference 2022
12:38 Thoughts on using Amazon Global Logistics
14:10 Upcoming new website:
17:28 Recommendation in preventing a sellout of stock before the next shipment
18:32 How to change PDP images in the US w/o changing in the EU marketplace
21:04 ASIN Review: B09PYCM5NK
22:11 Helium 10 50% off promo code: MYAMAZONGUY50
26:56 Got a few  UPS invoices in the postal mail
27:57 Do we put important KWs that are in the title also into the backend search terms
31:08 When uploading images to A+ content, the quality gets reduced a lot
32:18 Thoughts on Amazon Posts
34:33 At what phase we should start hiring an agency to handle PPC and SEO
36:39 Listings got stranded after changing the offer date, launch date, and release date 
38:40 Prime Day hangover effect on sales and traffic
40:17 Created a PPC campaign for strike zone KWs but they are not profitable
42:02 Good time to put the price up & by how much
43:16 Why does Amazon publish reviews in the US from other countries
44:09 Conversion rate is at 4.5% instead of the ideal 10-15%. ASIN Review: B09PYCM5NK
46:51 If I bid %0.90 for a KW, CPC sometimes becomes higher than an actual bid
47:48 ASIN Review: B0085WHBHU
54:27 How to go around Amazon not allow packages on the main image
55:47 Will ads run on the product if it is out of stock, but has a pre-order option
56:49 ASIN Review: B09DB121NW
1:04:08 How can I check whether my designed logo is not used by another brand
1:04:57 My Amazon Guy Trademark Services
1:06:08 If I want to put the city i.e. New York below the brand name to show where the brand comes from, do I have to manufacture the product in New York
1:07:01 When looking at auto campaigns and no orders have been generated of a specific KW, what is your cutoff for clicks when you will make that a negative exact KW
1:08:47 ASIN Review: B09Z33689C
1:17:37 Amazon sent an email "Get started by adding a great product title to the product detail page of each of these 5 products: Enhance your product title"
1:18:35 Got a negative review but the customer used the product wrong
1:20:01 IPI is a little more than 300 for 5 months now
1:21:31 You prefer to launch trendy/seasonal items rather than evergreen items/niches
1:22:27 ASIN Review: B09YYYYDFD
1:25:04 Any freight forwarder recommendation
1:25:37 ASIN Review: B09XT8G5X7
1:33:32 ​when selecting "Run Again" on expired coupons I receive the following: Internal Error We're sorry but we encountered an error while processing your request
1:34:08 How to get the Small Business Badge if I have an Australian company
1:35:03 How to use Search Query Performance KPIs

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