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How To Recession Proof Your Business In Q3 2022 - Amazon FBA Q&A with Jason Mastromatteo 07/19/2022

September 09, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
How To Recession Proof Your Business In Q3 2022 - Amazon FBA Q&A with Jason Mastromatteo 07/19/2022
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00:00 Amazon FBA Q&A with Jason Mastromatteo  07/19/2022
12:48 Check for your reimbursements
13:53 Can you make an SP PPC campaign for 2 variations for the same KW
14:59 KW indexing works for the A+ content
16:29 About to launch a product, have 6 reviews, CvR might be lower, but a good place to run PPC
16:59 Can you guys please make a video on how to do variations with the new FBA platform
18:10 PPC campaign w/ a 0.90 ROAS is good for a product launch
18:59 ASIN Review: B09Q857YN9
24:03 Parent listing only needed some vital info, but now it’s all different
27:16 How do you see the Halloween season for this year
28:12 How soon do you suggest we start preparing for Q4 and what should we be preparing
29:16 Can we stop the PPC when the listing is a the top organically
30:01 "Interactive Q&A" is that available for all BR sellers or it is only A+
30:47 What is the difference between the data you get from putting your ASIN in the brand analytics tab vs the brand search query
31:24 Can you copy your Amazon catalog including content to Shopify or vice versa
32:07 Inventory is not yet available in most of the postal codes yet. This is a new launch. Amazon is sending inventory to 30 warehouses and it is been 3 weeks. What strategy do you suggest
33:22 Can you please let me know how can we remove the hackers
33:51 Do Brand Store or Amazon Posts index for KWs
34:04 When I try to remove the other sellers in UAE, they were asking brand registry in the UAE marketplace
34:52 German TM charges and estimated time
35:10 What is the best strategy for keyword research
36:07 Yesterday, out of nowhere I sold the most units all year and it was an enormous spike from my monthly average. Any way to know which search queries lead to these sales? Today it's back to normal.
37:36 ​Is there going to be another prime day before Black Friday/Christmas season
38:19 ASIN Review: B0B2B41RF3
44:37 our listing keeps getting Search Suppressed at night
45:00 how do I put our brand logo on top of the listing title on every product detail page for UK
47:00 Because of the Bank card issue, the entire PPC was off for 25 days. I still had the same sale of each product every day
47:43 ​Is there any way to find out who posted only star rating without any review
48:07 Is it better to be a product research expert or a moderator in product research, PPC, AmazonAWS, etc
48:29 Thanks for answering my questions last week and helping me with the flat file partial update to fix my listings

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