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How can we know the list of ASINs we are running ad on?-Amazon FBA Questions w/ Steven Pope 07.22.22

September 08, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
How can we know the list of ASINs we are running ad on?-Amazon FBA Questions w/ Steven Pope 07.22.22
Show Notes

00:00 How can we know the list of ASINs we are running ad on?
10:10 Have you noticed that Advertising Manager data is buggy?
10:40 Data input sales of higher priced products but, on lower priced product
10:56 How to get exclusive on Amazon? ASIN: B09HTS3T8B
16:55 Running ads for KDP release to rank and turn off after 30 days
17:59 Exclusive to Amazon badge on ASIN B08TTQZ66H8
19:40 How to set up business discounts/pricing only for business buyers?
20:48 Applying to Amazon B2B Seller Central
22:04  Customer used the product incorrectly and gave a negative review.
23:30 Why use phrase match when you can run multiple exact matches?
25:27 Last week, you mentioned SEO work of editing copy to organically index on KWs that are sponsored indexed but, not organically. I checked mine but, many of these sponsored have low relevance.
28:13 Should I just delete a virtual bundle with a bad rating and create a new bundle?
30:04 Do you know if the honeymoon period is different for a product depending on whether it's listed as a variant under an (existing old) parent or as a standalone ASIN?
31:10 Can your own questions on product detail pages? 
33:54 System is preventing me from changing the title of the product, tried seller support, catalog team, and Brand registry, deleted the ASIN for 24 hours, and relisted again but, it didn't work.
35:43 Regarding SEO- What effect does repeating words on the detail page have with respect to ranking vs. indexing
37:17 How to fix a product in the wrong category?
37:59 I purchase a real GS1 UPC code, loaded in my product images, title, etc. Oddly, it was showing images from another product I did not own. Any ideas why?
39:32 Do all words in the title combine for SEO purposes - even if there are hyphens or other symbols separating them?
40:32 Creating a parentage with 5 products. One of the child products is out of stock. 
41:47 Metrics and indicators that suggest a reorder and successful launch
43:00 Question about Mega Pint keyword setup
44:50 ASIN Review: B09YYYYDFD
54:17 ASIN Review: B0B5B73MP7
57:54 A+ Content from My Amazon Guy
59:21 Using the correct First Keyword to indicate the niche
01:00:40 Small business badge to increase CTR or CVR?
01:01:10 Do we use product inserts to ask for honest reviews?
01:02:30 Asking for reviews for a bundle whose ASIN number is not showing up
01:03:15 How to know the list of ASINs that are running ads, on Seller Central?
01:05:48 Which keywords should we prioritize on the Search Query Performance page?
01:08:25 Method to estimate CPC of products that have not been launched yet and no similar reference points
01:09:34 ASIN not showing up on A+ content
02:10:25 Vine eligibility of a new product launched as a child of existing
01:10:43 Some of our seasonal programs/collections were launched successfully. With one particular line, I am seeing knock-offs (China) using the name of "our" line and look-a-like products. Should I trademark the collection (it isn't a brand) to preserve brand reputation and maintain selling rights before sellers beat me to it? 
01:10:43 Would you recommend Rinse and Repeat discounted prices every 30 days to max out sales?
01:12:57 Strategy for season products
01:14:40 Is Amazon running a video in posts Beta now?
01:15:19 China and Amazon are leading sellers in the toys industry.
01:15:58 How to make a Private Label profitable?
01:18:02 Can I create variations under an existing active parent and have the variation launch date set in the future for a new honeymoon? 
01:18:13 Recommended number of keywords for broad and phrase match
01:18:23 Do not negate a good keyword
01:18:52 Listing multiple products under the same ASIN

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