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Fast Ways to Increase AOV on Amazon - Average Order Value

September 07, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Fast Ways to Increase AOV on Amazon - Average Order Value
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00:00 Fast Ways to Increase AOV on Amazon - Average Order Value
00:25 Shows the Mr. and Mrs. Wine tumbler set listing
00:58 Make sure that you have the Brand Story as this can increase your AOV
01:27 Showing the Mega Pint Cup as a sample
02:07 Another location is the lowest section in the A+ Content
02:24 Great way to cross-link your products
02:50 The reason why you need to take up more space in the A+ content is to push down the ads
02:56 The product grid is an awesome way to put pictures of the other products, especially when 
           you have a new product
03:12 Put a CTA (Call to Action) like "Get this" right here
03:23 You'll start to see in your Business Reports that your AOV will go up
03:40 Tips on how to improve
03:45 Hyperlinks program
03:47 Create a product grid and don't forget to associate the ASIN in the backend
04:04 You'll find a comparison chart below the product grid 
04:12 If you have a single product on Amazon, you may struggle to build this section
04:14 Make sure to launch more product
04:21 Find a buddy who'll agree to create a product grid and crosslink products in the same 
           category or resembling the same customer avatar
04:42 You can crosslink any brand/any product/any ASIN in the A+ Content
04:50 Different ways to build out product for starters
04:59 Showing samples of Age of Sage Artisan Soap Bars
06:01 Simplify SKU counts to three models (good, better, best)
06:18 Example of a product grid that’s extremely technical 
06:36 Check mark across the list
06:43 Need second product grid 
06:51 Way to cross-pollinate additional products and do multiple product grids, rows show the 
           three models' angle
07:12 Get an idea quickly about which product is right 
07:17 Different ways a consumer would buy
07:24 Two ways consumers buy a particular product 
08:55 Generally consumer experiences just come by and leave
09:23 New way to take a product grid and turn it into a product collection
09:32 Promote a curated set of products in the store or Amazon placements
10:03 Recommended a way in building the brand store 
11:00 Showing samples of his brands
11:40 Stir at the top product row, helps with AOV 
12:30 Promotes Q&A on Fridays at noon Eastern Standard Time 
13:12 Consider the fact when somebody does go to a product listing 
13:22 Better way than to cross-pollinate and increase AOV 
13:14 Don’t forget the top of a store to create sub-pages
13:59 Product grid with four products and four sellers right on the top of the brand store  
14:39 Don’t need lots of different banners only products grids
15:41 Generic way to increase  AOV is by connecting your products together 
16:04 Watch the next video Improving Your Sales and Traffic and Conversion

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