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How to Enroll in Buy with Prime

September 06, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
How to Enroll in Buy with Prime
Show Notes

00:00 How to Enroll in Buy with Prime
00:14 It is an invite-only program
01:10 You need Shopify or WordPress websites
01:45 What to expect on your Amazon Seller Central account
02:10 What we learned from an Amazon Buy with Prime specialist
05:41 Amazon Prime buying out of Amazon will beat the fees on Buy with Prime off a website

Buyer has to have a Prime account, 
Coupon codes cannot be used when the order is processed with Buy With Prime,
Off-AMZ sales are separated from AMZ sales in the reports, 
Seller owns customer information,
Reviews are going to the DTC website, 
There is a DSP opportunity (dtc websites), - websites/sellers on this page really push forward the Buy With Prime feature, which is why they are on this website. 
Buy with Prime currently has small but growing number of brands. 


By invitation only, 
This program won’t be available to all sellers very soon, as they have their own limitations currently (staffing etc) Should there be a brand that can benefit from Buy With Prime, we can recommend that brand to the Brand Development Rep I had the meeting with and she can arrange the invite, 
Enrollment / Set up is fast and easy and once set up, the seller can turn Buy With Prime on or off depending on the time of the year or any other circumstances, 
There is NO SETUP fee 


Products with variations cannot be sold with Buy With Prime, needs to be a single listing (with no variation option) on the seller’s DTC website, 
Seller can turn Buy with Prime on or off for all products in the catalog, or for a single product 

Fulfilled from FBA, 
They have different tiers (1-2 day delivery, 3-5 day delivery,..) but she’d enroll us in the fastest one 
When returning the product, buyer would have to print the label, 
Returns are going to AMZ Warehouse (here I asked if it’s possible to re-route them, because we don’t benefit from unfulfillable orders in the AMZ warehouse, and she didn’t have the answer), 

There is no set up, monthly, yearly or other fee, 
There are fulfillment fees (3% of the order, fulfillment starts at $4.75, $2.4% for payment processing…) example - just the fulfillment for the Mom Box is at $10 

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