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4 Ways to Tell if your Amazon Account Being Managed Properly

September 04, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
4 Ways to Tell if your Amazon Account Being Managed Properly
Show Notes

1. Is anything out of stock?
2. Go to the inventory page, hit edit on a top seller, and check the search term field. If commas, or unoptimized, or not 250 bytes, show him the 250 bytes trick
3. Check Advertising, 
a. Anything out of budget?
b. Top spend auto campaign for negations.
c. Search term report and point out wasted ad spend by sorting by spend and pointing out high ACOS
4. Go to a business report, 1 year, sort by month, look for up down 

00:00 Is your account being run properly on Amazon?
00:26 Has anything gone out of stock?
00:36 Use Helium 10 to check if the BSR disappear on the chart
00:48 If you see a blank blue line disappear all of a sudden, that means you went out of stocks
           or have a severe catalog issue
01:02 Bonus Tip #1: If you don't see a yellow line, that means you haven’t set a list price
01:08 Bonus Tip #2: Have they set up a shipping alert on inventory?
 01:30 Check SEO and make sure the search term field is set to 250 bytes.
02:29 Use a byte counter tool like Rakko to check the number of bytes
03:32 Check the Advertising and check if there is anything out of budget
04:01 Advertising tip is to go to the top spending auto campaign
04:11 If you don't see negative keywords, there’s an ad dollar that’s being wasted on an auto 
04:23 If there are no negations on an auto campaign, that is a sign of mis advertising 
04:33 Negative keywords can be added at a campaign level
04:55 Advertising tip is to dive into the search term report
05:41 Go to a business report and look at the sales and traffic, sort by month, and take a year 
           view and check for trend lines and data issues
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