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AB Testing on Amazon - NEW PickFu Mockup Generator

September 02, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
AB Testing on Amazon - NEW PickFu Mockup Generator
Show Notes

AB Testing on Amazon - NEW PickFu Mockup Generator

00:00 How do you know if you have the right main image with the best CTR?
00:14 Amazon Mock UP Generator - newly released by PickFu
00:21 Perform PickFu AB Test for the main photo of Age of Sage - Men’s soapbox
01:43 You can now do an A/B test not only for the main photo but also for photo title and ratings
03:38 Create the poll using Import Builder for the main photos and write the questions 
04:34 Feedback from consumers from the poll can be very beneficial
04:48 Usually target the general audience
05:52 Get the information of the poll from PIckFu in about 45 minutes
06:07 You can also run a test inside seller central, but it will take 6 weeks to get the info
06:24 My Amazon Guy is a PickFu Certified partner
06:42 Use Coupon Code “MYAMAZONGUY” to get 50% Off your first poll.
06:48 If you need help with the A/B test setup, My Amazon Guy offers paid service tests.
07:14 Do some A/B testing to achieve your CTR’s maximum value
07:21 Vote results are coming for the Age of Sage - Men's soapbox
07:32  Display of corresponding responses that are written inside the survey results
08:01 PickFu provides data about consumers' behavior toward your product

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