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7 Amazon Social Post Tips

September 01, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
7 Amazon Social Post Tips
Show Notes

7 Social post tips

Use pictures that are not in your listing
Shoot cell phone less professional pictures, lifestyle
Put keywords into the post
Tell stories, don’t sell or use sales language
Present the customer avatar, who is the perfect customer, and show them off
Test what gets the highest impressions, engagement, clicks
Know where these posts show up

00:00 7 Amazon Social Post Tips
00:11 How to improve your social post games
00:18 Showing the social posts that have been put together
00:32 TIP #1 Use pictures that are not in your photo stack to get more relevant
clicks and interests
00:42 TIP #2 Take pictures with your cellphone
00:45 Use lifestyle shots showing the customer in use
00:52 Amazon social post is basically Instagram for Amazon
00:59 They do have category ids that get tagged unto your post automatically
01:05 Take a look at New Wave Swim Buoy. One of my close friends in the Georgia area.
01:09 He owns this brand and has so many different pictures of his product being used.
01:16 The right way to do a lifestyle shot
01:17 These are the sort of things that are getting thousands and thousands of likes and impressions on Instagram
01:44 Consistent feed of the same shot over and over again
01:51 TIP #3 Put keywords into the post
01:53 I run multiple phases of SEO at My Amazon Guy
01:59 Iindex keywords for a product that shows up in the search results
02:03 After you index, you want to rank them and you want to take some market share
02:14 Put as many keywords as you can
02:17 Put together a master keyword list if you can
02:19 Hand over to the person who is gonna create these social posts
02:28 Keep posts scheduled continuously within your Amazon social post feed
02:37 Have at least one post every two or three days
02:39 Ideally, I would do one or two a day if you have the capacity
02:44 Each of them is going to get different impression counts and engagement rates
02:52 Showing the actual number of impressions, engagements, and reach on Amazon
03:05 There is no cost to the Amazon social post of any kind
03:11 You must take advantage of this SEO element
03:20 Clicked one random post 
03:25 These are all keywords that we know that the consumer is using
03:45 TIP # 4 Tell stories
03:55 You want to tell the story of how am I using this product
04:01 I am selling experience but, I am going to sell them in a form of a story
04:10 Showing a sample story from Swim Buoy
05:17 There are so many different locations somebody can find your posts
05:22 TIP # 5 Where are your posts showing up to begin with?
05:26 Showing where you'll find your social posts
06:40 TIP # 6 Who is your customer avatar?
07:10 Amazon Masterclass Listing Optimization- Invite to watch
07:24 How to customize a listing with a customer avatar 
07:28 Cross apply that over to social posts
07:35 TIP # 7 Understand that you need to test the stuff
07:52 Showing the data available for social posts
08:14 Learn more about the ICAP Marketing Funnel, go over to
08:19 Invite to watch ICAP Marketing video

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