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Amazon Brand Stores Tips & Tricks - Common Bugs - Meta Description

August 31, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Amazon Brand Stores Tips & Tricks - Common Bugs - Meta Description
Show Notes

00:00 Amazon Brand Stores Tips & Tricks - Common Bugs - Meta Description
00:01 How important is your brand store and what you can do to improve it?
00:17 Set the Meta Description
00:22 Meta Description is the SEO copy that goes beyond the store and is read by Google
00:33 This is read by Google in the Search Algorithm which helps it rank for your Brand name
00:41 It can also help non-brand terms to rank as well
01:00 Searching my Brand name via Google
01:09 My Brand Store in Amazon came up first on the results page
01:13 My US website was at the second spot on search result
01:19 The power of a Meta Description can be very beneficial
01:26 Who wouldn't want to show up at the top of Google for their Brand name?
01:36 Showing up for your consumers gives a nice good feeling that you have
a legitimate brand
01:56 Pointing out where you can find the Meta description 
02:03 Matches what we have written on the Edit page
02:09 Use the master keywords list that we've talked about during SEO Phase 1
02:19 Make sure to fill it in and not just put a single word 
02:40 Invite to watch the other My Amazon Guy videos about SEO
02:47 Showing the live Brand Store on Amazon
02:57 Talks about the General Best Practices
03:04 Make sure that your big banner has your Brand name
03:13 Get that header image filled in
03:16 Make sure that you have multiple sub-pages
03:18 Giving out the benefits of sub-pages while navigating the sub-pages
03:50 Unboxing video can make a higher conversion rate happen
04:15 Highlighting the following button to generate followers
04:29 Invite to watch a video on how to send emails to your Store's followers
04:35 Showing all the social posts on the Amazon page
04:48 The keywords you used in your social posts can help rank your products
05:01 Clicked the social post and has been directed to the listing
05:08 Checking if social posts are populating the detail page
05:13 Socials posts are populating; Pointed out on Inspiration on this brand
05:22 Used to only work on mobile but, is now available on desktop
05:28 Note that there is a major difference between desktop and mobile view
05:34 Edit both desktop and mobile views for consumers
05:49 Click Preview and share preview to have it checked by others
05:57 Run an A/B test to check other consumers take
06:04 Get 50% off if you use PickFu by going to
06:14 Some people are having a hard time getting accepted on Amazon
06:18 Showing a case that we have encountered in My Amazon Guy
06:39 This Brand Store copy got rejected
06:43 Amazon came back and said there is a legibility issue
07:01 Showing how we fixed the issue we've encountered
07:29 Talks more about the issues that you might encounter
07:48 Walkthrough going to the Brand Store section
07:50 Go to Stores then, click on Manage Stores
07:50 Use Vanity URL or Pretty URL to customize your Amazon URL
08:57 Navigating through the Momstir Store
09:19 Sharing the challenge that we've encountered
10:09 3 ways somebody can find your Brand Store
10:14 Click on the Brand name of the detail page
10:27 If it is not working, your brand note ID is not set
10:32 You may not have loaded a UPC code to the GTIN field
10:36 To double check, go to the Inventory page
10:41 Click Edits and go to the Vital Info
10:44 Showing where you can see the UPC
10:45 Sharing more about UPC and ASIN 
11:02 2nd way for people to find you is via Google
11:09 3rd way is by typing it through the URL bar
11:21 Type in any keyword in the Amazon search bar

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