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How to Launch a Product Successfully and Rank Organically? - Live Q & A w/ Faith D. & Mitchell M.

September 11, 2022
My Amazon Guy
How to Launch a Product Successfully and Rank Organically? - Live Q & A w/ Faith D. & Mitchell M.
Show Notes

00:00 How to Launch a Product Successfully and Rank Organically? - Live Q & A w/ Faith D. & Mitchell M.
10:32 Out of all the reports on SC, recommend one use on a regular basis?
11:58 Steven has a video about the ICAP Marketing Funnel
12:08 My listing has disappeared, the family is still up but the main child is not showing up. I just filed a ticket but this is a very important listing. What now?
13:10 I tried listing on Amazon Canada but, the new listing shows up with a different registered brand as in the US and different images. We own the Brand Registry in the US  and Canada. How can we fix it?
14:35 How does a product launch 2 months ago and rank 2nd organically?
16:46 Choose a variation that shows up on the PDP, SERP, or Bestseller page.
17:34 Pros and cons of the defensive ASIN targeting strategy. Benefits of the brand using this strategy. 
19:50 How to fix the listing when it says "Inactive Out of Stock" but at the same time also says over 50 units are available.
21:31 When is it worth it to get an accountant for monthly bookkeeping for the Amazon business?
23:24 After the initial launch, when and how to tone down PPC without sacrificing organic ranking?
25:07 How to reduce daily spend effective parameters/pro tips that follow reducing PPC spend?
27:10 I just got an account and I found one of the listings where the last Sales manager used another brand name on the listing. Now, I can't update the listing. How can I change that?
27:27 I am thinking of Liquidating the inventory. Kindly recommend a platform selling that inventory.
30:14 If I am running auto campaigns and they are getting good sales with good ACOS and CVR. Then, is it necessary to move good keywords to an exact match?
30:38 Never negate a good keyword
31:09 What software can be used to see the absolute cost of selling on Amazon?
32:04 My 3 products haven't been yanked and are not search suppressed. Any other ideas other than a full update or contacting Amazon?
33:57 Does Helium 10 not include shipping FBM or inbound shipping costs for FBA?
34:14 I've launched my products but it's just not profitable at all for PPC. I've optimized it fully. KW, images, SEO. It's just PPC is so expensive, has low CVR, and competitive market. What is the best move here?
39:07 How can we grow our agency?
40:18 The best option an agency can offer is someone that does third-party brands and RA-type stuff
42:17 My question is my lifetime ACOS is 20% and I properly negate bad or irrelevant search 
terms. If I add good auto campaigns to exact match then, it means suggested bid will be 
high and ACOS will be high too. How to filter the bad and irrelevant search terms
45:10 Recommendation to do if you are highly competitive niche with tons of similar sellers at
cheaper prices
45:58 My gallery images come out blurry when downloading from Canva. Regardless of what file I download it in and even if I make the files smaller. Any suggestions?
47:06 I just launched my product on Amazon last week. What should my priorities be for the next month or two to get sales?
50:44 What should we do with a low ACOS campaigns? 
52:00 Do you know the specification videos for Amazon?
53:07 How to maintain a certain ASIN rank 1-2 organic without spending on Amazon ads?
54:46 Amazon’s new policy of PPC hourly reports and how it works.
56:33 I am selling 100+ FBA products, struggling with month end accounting, inventory management. Any way to clear this out? 
58:42 Why do phrases and broad campaigns after the one or two keywords ordered they stop getting impressions?

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