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ACOS vs ROAS: Which is Better for Amazon?

September 17, 2022
My Amazon Guy
ACOS vs ROAS: Which is Better for Amazon?
Show Notes

ACOS vs ROAS: Which is Better for Amazon?
00:00 Introduction
00:24 ACOS is the advertising cost of sale
00:29 ROAS is the return on ad spent
00:37 ACOS- How much do you spend on ads to gain a dollar?
00:48 ROAS- How much do you earn for every dollar you spend?
00:53 Showing Mega Pint listing as an example
01:38 ACOS and ROAS is a denominator and numerator on top of
           each other 
02:31 Which is better ACOS or ROAS?
02:54 ROAS was recently added because the whole marketing
           industry focuses on this
03:27 Reason why Amazon is regressing/adapting a broader
           spectrum of industry standards
03:36 Google used to be the number 1 place to start a product
           search. It is now Amazon.
03:56 The ability to find a product is superior on Amazon
04:23 The top 500 fortune companies that are not Amazon-focused,
            all speak ROAS
05:00 How ROAS is born
05:30 ACOS and ROAS comparison- Data being produced over time
07:23 If you are looking for a way to visualize the results in a chart,
           ROAS makes the most sense
07:32 It is easier to translate ACOS to bid adjustment
08:33 Total ACOS is not being tracked by Amazon
08:58 What's the target TACOS I should be at?
09:26 ACOS goal for every account is different
09:38 The TACOS could be the same no matter which category
09:42 Range of TACOS
10:08 Strong correlation and link between PPC and SEO
10:12 What happens if you turn off your PPC ads
10:30 Showing the Mega pint listing as an example
11:17 You have to understand the relationship between PPC and SEO
11:40 Understanding how well your advertising is doing on Amazon

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