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Amazon Sellers Top Concerns: FBA Logistics and Finance @ Surge Tampa Event

September 14, 2022
My Amazon Guy
Amazon Sellers Top Concerns: FBA Logistics and Finance @ Surge Tampa Event
Show Notes

Steven Pope spoke LIVE at a premiere seller event in the industry, 
The SURGE Summit!
On September 6 to 8, 2022
at the Grand Hyatt Tampa, Florida.

This is THE event of 2022 you wouldn't want to miss!

Amazon Sellers' Top Concerns: FBA Logistics and Finance

00:00 Sneak peek of the Event Hall
00:13 Steven Pope just finished his Live Q & A where he received Finance and FBA Logistics
           related questions
00:42 Steven Pope was surprised to learn that lots of sellers are having inventory issues  
            with Amazon
01:07 One of the services of My Amazon Guy is My Refund Guy which helps solve these
           logistics problems
01:40 The Surge Summit was held at a nice oceanfront property of Grand Hyatt, fantastic event with nice food and super organized event by Lesley of Riverbend Consulting
01:59 Another surprising question was related to Finance - Why is there a difference in his 
           1099K and Amazon Profit and Loss Statement (P&L)
03:21 The differences lie in the accruals of sales received in December but are yet to be received in January and accrued fees from Amazon promotions that are yet to be deducted from the account.
04:16 Lots of Logistics challenges items were shared at the conference
04:25 Amazon recently changed how they do the shipping funnel
04:42 Shipment of mixed SKUs
05:39 Amazon has a high risk of not checking in the items correctly causing inventory to be 
           mixed up and other mess.
06:17 Always make sure to give Amazon what they are expecting.
06:26 Story of Steven Pope’s personal logistics problem with Amazon where his hot sauce
           bottles were shipped into padded envelopes causing him a lot of mess and money.
07:01 Lesson learned: Always box your own stuff

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