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Thank You AMPD - Google ads to Amazon no Longer Show Competitor Advertisement

September 14, 2022
My Amazon Guy
Thank You AMPD - Google ads to Amazon no Longer Show Competitor Advertisement
Show Notes

Thank You AMPD! I have a serious shoutout to give, did you know that Google traffic going to Amazon no longer displays ads at the top? Do you know whom to thank for this? Please join me in commenting a thank you to Ampd Joshua Gebhardt

They are leading the Amazon industry for external traffic and got Amazon to make this change. This will help all of us.

Thank you!

Watch me share my gratitude and hear Josh explain how they did it

00:00 Introduction with Joshua from AMPD
00:16 AMPD made it possible to Run Google Ads to Amazon without having to worry
           that competitor ads are going to show on the Amazon page.
00:28 Got rid of the competitive Ad Widget
00:36 There is a big discrepancy between desktop and mobile
00:40 Mobile has better click-through rates
00:44 While desktop has higher conversions because users really buy.
00:59 AMPD realized that competitive widgets come from Google properties like emails,
           searches, and ads.
01:14 Worked with Amazon Engineering team on Attribution to give customers a
           better experience.
02:47 Amazon agreed and did some tests
03:24 AMPD work with the Amazon Attribution team and pushed the project
03:37 Amazon is a customer-centric
04:32 On August 10, Amazon approved and rolled out the new feature globally.
04:37 Amazon release a newsletter that says they made a global structural change 
           across Amazon that not only deletes the competitive ad widgets but places other
           products from this brand.
04:58 Steven sincerely thanked Joshua for what he did in the Amazon Community
05:16 Running Google ads is now more authentically pushing for seller’s products
05:30 Check out AMPD!
06:05 AMPD demonstration with Tyler.
06:15 AMPD connects Amazon and Google together
06:18 First time in the world that Amazon sellers can market their products on Google
           and actually see what converts on Amazon ads.
06:39 There are about 9 billion google searches per day
06:43 Google is the second most important search engine in the world next to Amazon
06:50 How to Run AMPD
06:59 Connect the Amazon ads account
07:02 Connect Amazon Seller Central
07:12 Connect to Google ads
07:27 AMPD provides data that actually drive profitable conversions from google ads
07:29 Turn your campaigns on.
08:05 AMPD allows Amazon sellers to treat Google ads just like Amazon ads and have
           all the data to make the right decisions.
08:27 AMPD platform perfectly stitching Amazon ads and Google ads data 
08:32 AMPD fully automates attribution 
08:34 AMPD gives Keyword level data to see what works and what doesn’t
09:08 Brand Referral Bonus: Amazon is paying you 10% back on Sales from Google ads
10:47 Get in touch with AMPD at for their services

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