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Find Out Why These 3 Amazon FBA Checks Are A MUST-HAVE FOR ANY Amazon FBA Seller

November 03, 2022
My Amazon Guy
Find Out Why These 3 Amazon FBA Checks Are A MUST-HAVE FOR ANY Amazon FBA Seller
Show Notes

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Amazon FBA Must-Have Check

00:00 Introduction
00:11  Age of Sage on Seller Central
00:24 Amazon Seller Central dashboard does add value
00:42 Start by checking on restocking
01:17 Check out PickFU’s video to get your main images right
01:31 Check the stock per SKU
04:15 Check the shipment IDs at the shipment summary
04:49 Check Main Image
06:04 You can load a video to answer a question on the Question & Answer section of the listing
07:04 Put keywords on the Question & Answer section because customers' questions do index
07:21 Apply for local business tags
07:26 Check bullets and emojis
07:34 Have your Brand story up on your listing
07:44 Identify Customer Avatar
07:56 Optimize product description with A+ Content or Premium A+ Contents
08:00 Age of Sage has Premium A+ Contents
08:35 Submit 15 A+ Contents to get access to Premium A+ Content
10:14 Showcase other products through Product Grid
10:23 SEO masterclass phases 1 to 4
10:45 Difference between indexing and ranking a keyword
11:36 Phase 1 - Indexing, your goal is to simply show up
12:06 Phase 2 - Incremental indexing - makes room for new Search terms
13:00 Phase 3 - Strike zone keyword update
14:04 Golden keyword ratio of 1:2
17:46 Age of Sage needs to have an exact match for men’s soap
20:54 Be sure to audit your listings at least every quarter
22:28 Phase 4 - is all about market share
22:34 Search Query Performance Report - Shows data on the ASIN level
23:45 Top Keywords shown on the Search Query Performance report give you an understanding of what keywords you need to focus on in both SEO and PPC
28:54 ICAP Marketing funnel
29:30 Losing some of the men's vote maybe because of the brand story with girlie stuff

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