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Changing The Manufacturer Attribute on an ASIN - Weekly PPC Q&A with Matt Davis and Faith Denniston - 09.27.2022

November 08, 2022
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Changing The Manufacturer Attribute on an ASIN - Weekly PPC Q&A with Matt Davis and Faith Denniston - 09.27.2022
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00:00 Weekly PPC Q&A with Matthew Davis and Faith Denniston - 09.27.2022
10:37 Do you target the given KW in all match types, or just exact
13:48 Do you set the bids of extracted search terms to be whatever the CPC of the given term was from the search term report
16:32 Do you  make a concerted effort to ensure you are not targeting the same KW in other campaigns
19:43 Can you give a brief rundown of what Amazon DSP is
25:36 Can you explain page views vs sessions
27:39 How to change the manufacturer attribute on an ASIN
28:57 Can you verify that for every Ad sale you make, you make 3 organic sales thus improving TACOS
32:48 Just created a variation for a particular profession. 2 sell ok 3 do not. Currently have auto/broad/exact/ASIN campaigns for all many same KWs. Should I deactivate campaigns of the lowest sales, current ACOS is high
35:09 I have 1 listing w/ 1 sale, 0 reviews for over 80days active by now. Steven suggested I create a new listing but running into constant issues w/ AMZ for the new listing (rejected GTIN)
39:57 I asked Steven about the HOTD mug, and he said to do it. It's high-risk high reward play
43:23 Should I go for all exact KWs that have high relevancy/high SV or will I benefit more if I focus on 1 or 2 long tail KWs only
46:47 Should you evaluate TACOS per ASIN
48:32 If I have a new video I want to run as an add on the existing product should I run it targeting the same KW that I know I'm already highly converting for in other campaigns
49:46 Should I also separate my SBV and KWs the same way I do my SP Ads
50:59 Category changed, still works. BSR was 18,000, now plummeted to 210K. Category/product type still reads the same in the flat file, does it take time for BSR to update
52:00 I have sent in a 2nd FBA variation. 1st variation did not do well earlier, just 20 reviews not a good rating w/the existing FBA inventory. Should I relist the 1st variation and sell both anew
53:45 Does "sold by Amazon" under the add to cart button mean Amazon owns the brand
54:15 I have a main KW in an exact single KW campaign & its plural form in a campaign w/ 4 other KWs. The plural form is getting a lot of impressions and clicks and has used up nearly $30 and no sales. Main KW has SV of 150K and plural form has 2500
56:40 What PPC tactics would be used for an off-season product like inflatable pool floats
58:50 What is the implication of using ASINs in the backend instead of EANs for the product ID type
1:00:29 What would you do if you are a US brand w/a brand registry in the US only and selling in Europe only via authorized partners
1:02:03 I made separate campaigns for exact, phrase, and broad but none of these campaigns were getting impressions
1:05:02 What is good for PPDC first, auto or manual
1:07:22 If you add a new TM'd brand to your existing brand in BR, can you switch your existing ASINs to the new TM'd brand
1:07:54 How long does it take for Amazon to investigate missing units from closed shipments
1:09:17 I'm expecting PPC costs to be high going into Q4 for "gift" and "seasonal" KWs, how can we best manage this
1:12:30 Wanted to sell a product which is having asked for a Hazmat review. For the time being I think I will clear it, do you think this category can cause more problems in the future
1:14:24 How should a person motivate himself while waiting for the inventory to reach Amazon warehouse
1:17:42 How do I calculate TACOS
1:18:20 Listing displays earphones but our product is food. Unable to update the image. Amazon says there's another contributor
1:19:34 Do you recommend crying, screaming, or swearing at your computer to make yourself feel better after dealing w/ Amazon day-in & out
1:21:20 We can't access a listing in the backend becaus

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