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Identify If You Have A Hidden Suppression - My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A with Jason Mastromatteo

November 09, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Identify If You Have A Hidden Suppression - My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A with Jason Mastromatteo
Show Notes

00:00 My Amazon Guy FBA Weekly Q&A with Jason Mastromatteo and Matt Davis - 09.30.2022
10:21 Amazon switching to new UI
11:28 Fall Prime Day on Oct 11 & 12, 2022
12:00 Can't modify my US listing; My Australia SC is a "winning contributor"
13:10 Is the one-EU fulfillment thing (Pan EU Fulfillment) working for your clients
14:07 For international marketplaces, we already have the listings ported over, but how can we port over the stores
14:37 Are there any differences in creating variations for FBM products compared to FBA
15:29 We have a competitor that doesn't list where their product is made (China) on their PDP
16:40 What's the overall strategy to grow sales from 300 1st month to 1000 monthly
19:06 Lost BSR on all of my account back in 2020, still waiting for Amazon support to fix it
22:22 What are the consequences of category manipulation
24:49 When I first launched my product, the title character limit was 250, now its 200
25:59 Can you please breakdown further what search term data means when it says "7 day sales"
28:25 Competitor copying all my designs style and text
29:15 Client asked me to launch an herbal health supplement over at Amazon US
32:50 I'm buying legit GS1 UPC codes but continue to get messages from Amazon saying they are invalid
35:05 I was approached to start an Amazon account but the owner wants their identity to be completely hidden
36:31 Difference in search function between broad match modified and phrase match
38:51 If I run a broad match modified on the word "garlic press" would you put the same KW in a regular broad match as well
40:31 Amazon is offering to optimize my Ads for free
44:19 Where can I see if I'm running out of budget
47:45 Why is Amazon labeling this prime day as an early access prime day
49:45 I'm about to purchase a trademark, how long will it take for Amazon to recognize my brand
51:33 The brand I'm referring to is in home & kitchen and does over $15M annual worldwide
53:17 Do conversions from KW targeting positively impact ranking more than conversions on product targeting
55:18 I have increased my sale price from 19.99 to 24.99 then I have been slowly losing rank
1:00:03 Should I use one brand to sell multiple products in diff categories
1:01:09 I have a product in a subcategory of Grocery. Most of my competitors are in another sub-category of Grocery. Both are relevant, am I at a disadvantage, listing in a sub where most of my competitors are not
1:01:56 Can't enter more than 250 characters on search terms
1:03:43 I am selling on Amazon, should I extend to Shopify
1:05:38 My listing has been deleted from everyone, is there a way I can revive my UPC, EAN
1:06:44 Is there a way to get rid of all variations falling in DPM
1:07:11 I'm tracking KWs for ASINs B006H9S3WA & B00KH6PQRY. Lost organic ranking on every single one of my KWs
1:09:01 My PPC sales dropped this week, w/o changes done
1:11:03 Can you tell me what is the concept of the retail contribution of an ASIN
1:12:26 Has been selling under our brand w/c is US trademark registration pending for 9mos. Amazon suppressed listings saying they can't prove our company affiliation w/ the brand
1:13:59 I lost my organic KW ranking, none of the relevant KWs are showing or getting indexed
1:14:34 Do you use target sponsored PPC campaigns ever and any specific details to make the most efficient they can be
1:16:34 I want to sell in a category in w/c the brand is having 8 to 10 listings. Most of the revenue is captured by this brand. How can I survive in this category and make a profit in this category
1:17:38 We launched "Brand A" on Amazon 4 years ago. "Brand A" has never done that well. Last year we launched "Brand B" on the "Brand A" account. "Brand B" says "visit the Brand A store"

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