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Does FBA Have room in 2022? [Restock Analysis]

November 10, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Does FBA Have room in 2022? [Restock Analysis]
Show Notes

Restock limit changes to prepare for the 2022 holiday season
As we prepare for the busy holiday season, we want to ensure that we can receive, store, and fulfill products in a timely manner for all sellers using FBA. Therefore, we’re updating restock limits for standard and apparel storage types to allow all sellers to have at least four months of inventory in FBA. The updated limit will currently restrict about 5% of sellers using FBA from being able to restock additional products due to their already having high levels of inventory. For more information on restock limits, go to Restock limits by storage type: Frequently asked questions.

00:00 Will Amazon restock limits hurt Q4 in 2022?
00:48 Steven’s speculation: Amazon is understaffed but many warehouses are not 
           full this year
00:57 Variety of reasons is due to economic reasons related and not supply chain problems
01:15 Consumer demand is down right now
01:40 There will be no harsh crackdown on restocking limits this Q4 of 2022
01:49 About 5% of the accounts are going to hit their cap this year
01:59 Amazon will allow  4 months of inventory above your current sales
03:00 Now is the time to make the shipment for Christmas sales
03:10 Help files for Restock Limits by Storage Type: FAQ
04:44 IPI score and Inventory Review
04:53 IPI works in 4 metrics but penalizes those with excess stocks at Amazon
05:39 Don’t launch a variation just launch a brand new product.
05:57 Inventory Performance
06:22 If you have a bad IPI, which is usually a result of excess inventory, just fix that
06:27 Get rid of the stock, lower the price and get the units out of the door
06:37 Check the Restock Inventory Page and review it every so often
07:02 Inbound Performance Summaries and Opportunities for the things you should do
07:12 How to reduce the excess inventory

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