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How to Combine Reviews on a Parentage (SOLVED)

November 13, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
How to Combine Reviews on a Parentage (SOLVED)
Show Notes

00:00 Are your Parentage Reviews not combining and want to that fix that?
00:10 Troubleshooting tips to make all similar throughout the parentage
00:29 Two reasons why Parentage reviews don’t combine
00:31 Number 1, The product type is not matching
00:36 Number 2, The Item type categories don’t match within the parentage
01:03 Some categories like toys don’t allow for parentage
01:53 Back up your Amazon catalog by going to the Inventory Reports console
02:34 Ticket Amazon to enable CLR if you don't see it in the dropdown menu
03:28 Fix the problem by loading a template file of the backup file downloaded 
03:31 Match the product ID and the category IDs so that they will be in the same
03:54 If the problem is not fixed, Submit Brand Registry tickets at
04:22 Once auto-declined reply to the ticket and submit a link to your website or a cellphone 
           picture of your product and justify the category in question
05:02 Flowchart how to merge Reviews
06:11 Sample Ticket you could file if the reviews don’t merge
06:54 When the Brand Name doesn’t match, that can also prevent Parentage from being
            connected altogether
07:04 The key to success is to remember that most of the ticketing will be auto-rejected and
            you have to continuously follow up of these tickets.
07:14 Amazon is a culture of escalation
08:01 Add a comment to this video with Parentage Review Combining
08:14 Enroll at Building Variation course at MAG-School

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