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Launch Pricing Strategy: Amazon FBA Guide, How I Made a Brand 100k MORE Net Profits

November 16, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Launch Pricing Strategy: Amazon FBA Guide, How I Made a Brand 100k MORE Net Profits
Show Notes

00:00 What price should you launch your product?
00:24 Launch Age of Sage smudge sticks on November and got the No. 1 New Released Badge
00:49 Launch Pricing Strategy Chart
01:02 This is a timeline for your launch pricing strategy
01:23 Try something similar to this no matter how price and category you are in
01:25  Holstit product launch has been very rough.
02:28  Do not launch at 50% for cultural or phenomenal products
03:10  Good sales because there is a cultural demand for a product 
03:28 Tried to parent with another product but did not do well no matter what he did
04:29 Launching at a low price is very valuable information
04:34 If you can’t get the product to move at a lower price, it will be the same for a higher price
05:22 Amazon algorithm gets upset when you jump 10% or 15% Better go lower multiple jumps
06:29 There are ways to check sellers' names if they are American sellers inside Amazon
08:19 Lowered the price significantly down for Mr. & Mrs. tumbler
09:48 Didn't make any changes on the copy only but only change the prices down
12:07 Always Raised prices on Black Friday
12:25 Testimonial from Clients
15:16 Raise your prices going to Black Friday
15:22 Use Launch Pricing Strategy to get off the ground
15:36 Enroll in MAG School's new course to Launch your next product. 

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