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Can You Trust Amazon's Data? [SKU Economics within 3% Accuracy]

November 17, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Can You Trust Amazon's Data? [SKU Economics within 3% Accuracy]
Show Notes

Among SKUs that have been audited, there is just a 2%-4% difference between Sponsored Product fee found in the SKU economics page vs. the PPC portfolio
Differences may be due to the following:
Timing on getting Spend in campaign manager vs. SKU economics tab
Adjustments in spend that may have occurred while comparing the campaign manager vs SKU economics tab
Delays in reflecting Spends on the SKU economics tab

Conclusion: The figures in SKU economics may just not be updated.

00:00 How accurate is the Amazon Profit Tracker
00:09 Amazon’s New Feature where you can Amazon Charges
00:26 Have the ability to see your Net Proceeds
00:58 Related YouTube comment on the accuracy of Net Proceeds inside the Amazon Calculator
01:42 Business analysis by the MAG team
02:38 Conclusion on the analysis of SKUs economics
03:46 Amazon provides free and helpful data on a per unit cost and for total costs
04:20 Do not set a Promotion or Sale and then forget about it
04:22 Display of products shown on the report

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