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Why Did this Amazon Product Launch Fail?

November 20, 2022 Steven Pope
My Amazon Guy
Why Did this Amazon Product Launch Fail?
Show Notes

Why is my Product Not Getting Enough Traction

00:00 Introduction
00:08 Question by Richard Jones 
00:16 Selling authentic Feather Golf Balls sold on the listing
00:32 Do other people know what you are selling?
00:48 Load 6 Image  Stack 
01:08 Lot of opportunities to build Infographics demonstrating the product
01:36 No Brand Store yet
02:36 Show me the product in use
03:39 The organic rank on this listing is invisible and why is that?
03:39 Check Cerebro at Helium 10
04:24 Inconsistency on Title spacing
05:04 Bullet Points need development
05:20 Need video
05:33 Sample of Brand Story for Age of Sage
06:28 Create a Brand Store
06:49 There is no crawlable text in the A+ Content
07:15 The words in the A+ Content are indexable
07:38 Behind each photo, set Alt Text
08:03 Things you want to place in the Alt Text like misspellings and Spanish
08:16 Place the texts that you want to rank for, 100 characters of copy on each photo
08:25 Back end of A+ Content
09:55 Find a product that ranks for some of the same things that might want to rank
11:34 Get keywords to do competitor research
14:25 Redo the Title based on the new exact match keywords
15:17 Negate keywords that are not properly advertising your product
15:46 The keyword density you’re going after is not on point
16:33 Ask Steven Pope any Amazon Questions on Camera
16:39 Load your video questions on
17:11 Ask Questions and Book a Coaching Call at My Amazon Guy website

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