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How to Pick Winning Product Designs on Amazon

January 06, 2023
My Amazon Guy
How to Pick Winning Product Designs on Amazon
Show Notes

How to Pick Winning Product Designs on Amazon

00:00 Introduction
00:13 PickFu test: Which Product would you rather buy?
00:32 Had success with past products, no testings but sold 200 plus in less than 30 days
01:20 Make some random tests on products for the next season
01:45 Get 50% OFF PickFu using this code  ‘MYAMAZONGUY” on your first poll
01:57 Test which color would be best.
02:58 Which of these designs would I want to go with?
04:44 Even if you have a great product in the world, but terrible Marketing, nobody buys your product
05:45 The product grid links everything together
06:24 You don’t need customer review to launch products
06:54 Get the number 1 newly released badge
07:33 My launch strategy key to success is I keep doing iterations, tests and doing things.

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