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Amazon FBA Logistics Nightmare: FTL Shipments Broken

January 05, 2023
My Amazon Guy
Amazon FBA Logistics Nightmare: FTL Shipments Broken
Show Notes

Amazon FBA Logistics Nightmare: FTL Shipments Broken
00:00 Does Amazon Shipping methodologies makes sense?
00:17 Take a look at a letter on Inbound Shipment creation
01:27 If you create the shipment and go to ship more, they will stack additional items in one location
02:11 Sellers’ playing with Amazon’s shipping System
02:33 Problem with merged workflows and being added to existing shipments to fill in the truck
03:04 This current shipping logistics game is a huge pain in the butt
03:07 Ever since Amazon changed this new UI; certain functions don’t work the same way as they did in the old one.
03:19 Amazon has passed the distribution cost to the sellers by preventing you from making full FTL and LTL to a single destination.
04:08 Solve this issue by spreading awareness. Add a comment on this video that says, “Amazon FBA fix the problem!” and let’s hope the algorithm picks it up and Amazon sees it
04:27 This problem is affecting multi-million dollars sellers shipping out big shipments
04:44 It's not you against me; it's all of us against Amazon

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