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Where Do We Set Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discounts?

January 08, 2023
My Amazon Guy
Where Do We Set Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discounts?
Show Notes

Where Do We Set Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discounts?

00:00 Are you looking to set up a Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotional discount on your seller central accounts?
00:14 To start, log in to the Seller Central account
00:18 Hover at the Advertising tab
00:22 Scroll to Prime Exclusive Discounts
00:27 Once it populates the page, click on the "Create Discount" button
00:34 Create discount details
00:39 Look at the Cyber Monday and Black Friday Guidelines
00:46 You can choose what times you want the discounts to run
01:02 The entire promotional period from Thursday to the end of Cyber Monday total 4 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes 
01:18 Once the duration is chosen and entered the name, hit saved and then start adding the products.
01:28 It will give the store a little Black Friday or Cyber Monday badge, which is really appealing to customers
01:38 It will really help conversion and help boost sales

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