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Top 5 Hacks on Catalog Troubles

January 11, 2023
My Amazon Guy
Top 5 Hacks on Catalog Troubles
Show Notes

Top 5 Hacks on Catalog Troubles

00:00 Introduction
02:02 Why am I losing the Buy Box
03:20 Sellers cannot change their Title because they have lost content contribution rights 
04:10 Check Vanessa Hung’s video on Flat files
04:12 Updating the flat file for the Title, may or may not work but at least a seller support ticket
has been opened
05:11 Which one is better Seller Support tickets or Brand Registry tickets?
06:27 Amazon is a culture of escalation
07:49 Amazon Ranking issues
08:39 Amazon started allowing third-party ads on their website
10:22 Amazon Buy Box Hacks
14:29 Sign of Amazon’s Catalog bad policy 
15:31 Seller support in the EU and UK is a little messier than in the US
15:53 Hack: Call on the weekends and you’ll have a native English speaking who have more power
16:05 Hack: Don’t select the box that says SOS urgent matter because you will be directed to someone with limited functions.
16:15 Hack: If you specify that it is an FBA case during the filing, you’ll likely get an Amazon specialist
17:34 Unselect settings that will give Amazon direct access to use and resell your product
17:48 Check your Shipping settings on your Seller Central and go to FBA settings.
21:53 What do you do with unauthorized sellers showing on Amazon your listing
24:11 Hack: to prevent unauthorized sellers, make sure your brand name and your trademark name are showing in the main image. Better to place a packaging photo in it
26:13 Get your brand registered Trademark from My Amazon Guy
26:15 Tombstone listings treatment
28:12 There’s always a way to get data inside Amazon, it’s never lost
31:57 UPC Hijacking issues
33:32 All I want for Christmas is a functional Seller Support
33:45 Steve, Jeff, and Catey are passionate about the business of helping improve the lives of Amazon sellers.
34:36 Loss of brand credibility - negative reviews
35:51 How hard is it to remove a negative review?
38:00 Improve your product and include product inserts on your product packaging
38:24 Best Amazon hacks by Catey McCray and Jeff Allen on Seller Support approach
41:42 Steven’s Favorite Hack: Make sure your main image has much stuff on it as humanly as possible

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