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How to Read Amazon P&L (Profit and Loss) Statements [Key Reports]

January 12, 2023
My Amazon Guy
How to Read Amazon P&L (Profit and Loss) Statements [Key Reports]
Show Notes

How to Read Amazon P&L (Profit and Loss) Statements 

00:00 Introduction
00:04 How to read P & L of Age of Sage for the period Jan 1 to Oct 25, 2022,
00:50 How to download Amazon’s P & L: Go to Reports - Payments - Date Range Report 
01:23 Generate Date Range report tab for P & L summary view per month or per year
02:17 Amazon P & L summarizes all the income and expenses inside Amazon
03:05 Breakdown of Amazon Net Income and Credits
04:53 Breakdown of Net Expenses inside amazon and other deductions
05:19 FBA Transaction fees account for the largest expense inside Amazon (actual FBA cost)
06:22 Advertising cost is not included in the Amazon P & L yet
06:44 Most sellers spend their advertising costs directly charged on their credit cards
06:58 Sellers can enroll in Amazon American Express and get 5% cash back on ads
07:35 Amazon P&L is a true picture of your expenses except advertising.
07:47 Check on the Advertising Invoice History tab to have an estimated ads cost to date
08:51 Transfer amount is the net of all the income and expenses inside Amazon.
8:58 Sales taxes per state are taken care of by Amazon, no more sales taxes payable for sellers.
09:46 Statement view tab with Payments Dashboard displays a summary of the settlement and the account level reserve
10:57 Transaction View Tab shows specific order IDs, products sold, and charges and rebates
11:17 Display of  Transaction details
12:35 Fastest way to track your inventory
12:57 Link to Shipping Alerts video
14:53 All Statement tab display standard orders vs. invoice with beginning balances
15:06 Does business reports factor in refunds? Yes, they do
15:32 Disbursements tab displays all the transfers to the bank account of the seller every 2 weeks
15:54 Date Range Report tab generates the P&L report by choosing the summary report
16:22 Audit of Advertising Cost by going to the Campaign Manager
16:59 Link to Seller Accountant CEO Tyler Jeffcoat videos
17:19 Steven’s job as a marketer is topline and’s concerned more with the sales growth, while CFO’s job is the bottom line or more concerned about the profit

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